New Job

Well, it appears that after knocking on a lot of doors and tapping on a lot of windows I’ve found myself another job.  This should keep me in Sakhalin for another year or so, or at least until the economic situation in the rest of the world improves and the executives of various oil companies stop panicking over $50 oil and get their projects moving.

I start on Monday.

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9 thoughts on “New Job

  1. YEA!!! I love your blog posts about Sakhalin, and hated to hear that you might be leaving. So I guess you will tell us who you are working for ??? Or maybe not….but I can’t wait to see your post about you leaving your current job….should be interesting to say the least!

  2. Great to hear. You apparently preferred Sakalin. which surprises me. But it does avoid moving and your wife probably preferred Russia. Congratulations, and don’t let work interfere with your blog writing. Van

  3. “Ive found myself another job. This should keep me in Sakhalin for another year or so”

    To be honest, I’m not sure whether congratulations or commiserations are in order! But if you’re chuffed, I’m chuffed – good luck.

  4. Excellent news, love reading your posts about Sakhalin. I spent some time there in 2003. Goodluck

  5. What, no TX or OK? Shame.

    Still: congrats. A worry off your shoulders, at least for a year – that’s a good thing.

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