Offshore to the LUN-A

This evening I will be boarding a northbound train on the first part of the journey to what will be my home for the next month:

Lun-A Platform

At the moment the sea isn’t quite as icy as it is in the above picture, and missing from the photo is a large floating hotel anchored alongside which will provide me and a couple of hundred others with our accommodation whilst we are out there.  I will have internet access, but whether I will have time to post anything is another matter entirely.  If so, I will post something.

Lun-A Platform

Some blurb about the platform:

Located 15 km off the north eastern coast of Sakhalin Island, in a water depth of 48 m, LUN-A is a drilling and production platform with minimum processing facilities. Oil/condensate and gas separation including gas treatment for transport to the LNG plant will be done onshore at the onshore processing facility.

—  Four legged concrete gravity base substructure (CGBS) that was engineered and constructed in Vostochniy port by Aker Kvaerner Technology AS and Quattrogemini OY. PA-B CGBS was installed in June 2005.

—  Fully integrated deck construction built separately in South Korea, Samsung Heavy Industries construction yard. The topsides were installed in August 2006 on the pre-installed CGBS by float over technique.

The platform includes drilling and gas/hydrocarbon liquids/water separation facilities, storage for chemicals and a living quarters module. Process, utility equipment and living quarters are separated and located in different areas to maximise safety. The main working areas are enclosed, temperature controlled and ventilated with local winter protection for equipment located in the open. The living quarters have a capacity for 90 permanent and an additional 36 temporary staff.

The LUN-A platform is designed for year-round operation in harsh climatic conditions and is built to withstand rough seas, severe ice and high seismic activity.

Let’s hope that last bit is true.


13 thoughts on “Offshore to the LUN-A

  1. My job change put all plans into chaos, and this trip offshore hasn’t helped. We’re planning to take a trip to the US for 3 weeks in November, but will probably stay west-coast: California, Arizona, Nevada. We need to get ourselves to NY, as well as to Houston and Pensacola to hook up with some friends, but doubt we can do it this year. 2009 is looking good though, assuming I am allowed to leave this platform.

  2. By “hook up with some friends in NY” you mean me, I presume?
    I’ll pencil you in for ’09, then

  3. By hook up with some friends in NY you mean me, I presume?

    Yup! In NY: you and my mate who used to live in Singapore; Pensacola: Leisure Suit Larry; Houston: Half of the oil and gas industry.

  4. Hi Tim
    Just to say that when I try to look at your photos (I guess that’s what they are) I get a polite message as follows:

    Please receive apologies from United Telecom of Georgia.
    As a result of the tense situation in the country, the direction you are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.
    Thank you in advance for your patience. We hope the situation will be settled in the nearest future.

  5. That’s weird. Sakhalin Energy’s website, where I’m linking the pictures from, seems to be down. But why you’re getting a Georgian error message is anyone’s guess. Where are you located?

  6. sounds like a good plan, especially Houston. When you come, please keep in mind I don’t understand Welsh – even Scottish – and you’ll need to talk slow. As I’ve discovered in London, I have a language barrier – and was desperate for a translator!

    ps. Is ??? coming with you to live on a parked platform in the middle of the sea? What about her job at the hotel?

  7. When you come, please keep in mind I dont understand Welsh – even Scottish – and youll need to talk slow.

    I actually speak very neutral English without any accent, and 5 years abroad has taught me to speak very slowly and clearly with foreigners without using slang. Foreigners always tell me they like how I speak, because I make it easy for them to understand. If only Russians did the same for me…

    Is ??? coming with you to live on a parked platform in the middle of the sea? What about her job at the hotel?

    Not a chance. Firstly, bedspace is severely limited – I’m sharing a room with 3 other men – and there is no room for partners. Secondly, Yulia has an important role to play back on the mainland, that is making sure my bank account doesn’t get too full.

  8. Neutral English: fantastic. I promise to slow down my Russian.
    Julia’s is an important duty, I agree…although I wouldn’t run this operation for the benefit of one particular French handbag vendor!

    Good luck with your shift, Tim.

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