Off to Kiev

I’m off to Kiev for the weekend: I miss the cold, snowy environments where people speak Russian.

Many thanks to those who left comments under my post on editors, I’ll reply when I’m back.


13 thoughts on “Off to Kiev

  1. Caviar and cigars?

    Have fun. I am a little weary following a week in the surpringly wet and stormy Gulf and looking forward to heading back home tomorrow.

  2. An engineering question: the USN’s latest plaything keeps breaking down because of leaks on the coolers for the oil used to lubricate the main bearings on her drive shafts. The sea water coolant leaks into the oil.

    I can’t help but think that if I’d been specifying this system I’d have wanted the oil to be at a higher pressure than the water, so that any leak would involve oil flowing out instead of water flowing in. Wotcha fink?

  3. Perry’s answered the chicken Kiev question. Thanks!

    Regarding the USN: it might have been an environmental regulation that absolutely no oil should be leaked into seawater. I’m sure the Navy must comply with the same regulations as everyone else. Otherwise, it might be poor design, whereby it was never expected that such leakage would occur.

  4. I once went to Tunisia for a weekend to look at hotel (and very nice it was too) but going to Kiev — chickens or not — sounds better.

    Enjoy, and think of us stuck in the UK.

  5. I always considered that the UK was a great spot to visit other places from, no?

    Just done a 14 hr flight from Dubai and had a swim in my pool, nice to be home, and glad that I missed the Wallabies.

  6. Last time I was in Kyiv, I had to stay in a terrible Intourist hotel. One with the little old lady Gaulieters on every floor. I trust that your accommodations will be more palatable.

    Have a Baltika for me.

  7. james,

    Not many can just say: “Off to Kiev for the weekend.” Jealous.

    I’ve set up practically my entire life to allow me to do things like this. 🙂

  8. the other rob,

    I trust that your accommodations will be more palatable.

    Heh, yes they were, thanks 🙂

    Have a Baltika for me.

    Alas, it was Lvivskoe: Ukrainians aren’t keen on Russian products right now.

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