Easy Pickings in Paris

The BBC reports on a robbery in France:

Masked men have robbed two Qatari women and their driver on a motorway north of Paris, taking valuables worth €5m (£4.5m; $5.6m), police sources say.

The sisters had just left Le Bourget airport in their Bentley on Monday evening when they were forced off the road and sprayed with tear gas.

“Everything in the vehicle: jewels, clothes, luggage” was taken, a police source told AFP news agency.

Here’s some advice from somebody who lives in Paris: don’t go around with €5m of valuables on you.

The section of the motorway where the robbery took place is favoured by criminals targeting luxury cars or wealthy-looking foreigners stuck in traffic jams:

In April last year, an east Asian art collector was robbed of jewels worth €4m when three people caved in the window of her taxi.

In August 2014, heavily armed men attacked a convoy of cars belonging to a Saudi prince, stealing €250,000, as he headed in a convoy to Le Bourget

Last month, US reality TV star Kim Kardashian was tied up and robbed at gunpoint of jewellery worth up to €6m in a luxury apartment in the heart of Paris.

Not that I’m excusing armed robbery, but common sense has given way to vanity here, hasn’t it?  Getting in a taxi with €4m of jewels about you?  These people are asking for trouble.


7 thoughts on “Easy Pickings in Paris

  1. Inside job, prob, with taxi driver assistance.

    Unless the robbers normally only expect to pick up 50 Euros in traveller’s cheques, a stuffed teddy and a necklace of glass beads.

  2. Yes, perhaps an inside job. That said, I do wonder why people visiting a ‘foreign’ country don’t try to blend in with the locals. It doesn’t involve any hardship (unless, of course, one feels naked without $$$-worth of bling) and it’s by far the best defence against attacks such as these.

  3. This robbers alley wouldn’t be anywhere near a zone interdite by any chance, would it?

  4. Inside job, prob, with taxi driver assistance.

    Yes, I suspect inside information has been passed in all cases.

  5. This robbers alley wouldn’t be anywhere near a zone interdite by any chance, would it?

    Heh. I did speculate that the Qatari women may have been robbed by people who spoke their native tongue, albeit in a different dialect.

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