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  1. Tim,
    You are a true blogger and the variety of issues you blog about and the smart humors tone with which you write will only make this blog more popular- which is something it deserves.
    It was interesting reading the interview with you as well.
    Congratulations and thank you for your writings.

  2. The interview…what is the word I’m looking for?…stellar! Seriously: great.
    We agree on “loyalty”; not many people I know would choose that. And the UN bit was funny.

    But, but…dude, are you in Perry’s pay? Or he pays you in beer pints? Speaking of which: if you’re in London in August (or it might be Sept), here’s your chance to have some on me. Decided to live dangerously: coming to UK for a week. Any suggestions welcome – it’s my first time.

  3. L.S.

    Thanks for that, glad you still like this place.


    No, I’m not in Perry’s pay, but I do like some of the ideas he has for politicians involving lamposts and lengths of rope. He needn’t be in the seat for long, just a few months would suffice. As it happens, I might be dropping into one of his parties in June when I’m back in UK….sadly I’ll probably not be there in August or September. However, a good mate of mine recently moved to NYC, and I should be there within a year for a visit. As for suggestions for UK for a first time visitor? Keep your handbag and phone closely guarded, especially on the tube.

  4. But isn’t politicians just enjoying themselves the best they could? And you principally allow people to do just that?
    OK, ok.
    Will be glad to see you in NY, let me know.

  5. <em>And you principally allow people to do just that?</em>

    Not when somebody else is forced to fund their enjoyment, and not when their enjoyment consists of asserting ever more control over the lives of others.

    I’ll let you know if I’m in NY for sure.

  6. But you omitted that all-important disclaimer.

    Also, I was shocked, simply shocked at your willingness to lie for an oil/gas contract.

    Btw, N.Dacota oilfields might be soon deemed workable with current prices and all – would you consider living in perpetual snow?

  7. N. Dakota is not in perpetual snow, although the wind never stops.

    This may seem an odd question, but why would you like to live in the states. All the places you mentioned are places I’d like to live to, but I just wonder why a kid from Wales wants to live in those places (btw, S. California is the largest concentration of Brit expats in the world believe it or not).

    Also, if you ever get the chance, come to Chicago. I never comment on here, but I’d give you a good tour if you made it here. It’s a fantastic city.

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