Lame Duck Talking

Lacks a touch of self-awareness old Barack, doesn’t he?  This from the BBC:

Barack Obama has warned of a “rise in a crude sort of nationalism” following the Brexit and US presidential votes.

Speaking in Greece on his final foreign trip, he said: “We have to guard against… tribalism built around an ‘us’ or a ‘them’.”

This from the chap who went from promises of being a Great Uniter to running an administration in which an “us” and “them” mentality was the central pillar.

He said the US was painfully aware of the danger of divisions “along lines of race or religion or ethnicity”.

Indeed, we have all the race riots and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement during your Presidency to remind us.

He also put the victory of Donald Trump down to “the view of the American people to just shake things up”.

With those things to be shaken up being what you call your “legacy”.  Obamacare, for example.

He said again that he had been surprised by Mr Trump’s victory.

Well, yes.  Clearly you believed the polls along with all the other idiots.

Mr Obama said the UK’s vote to leave the EU and the US vote showed that people generally were now “less certain of their national identities and place in the world” and that had produced populist movements both on the left and the right.

Sorry, what?  The UK leaving the EU meant the British were less certain of their national identity?  Would he apply this same logic to Kenya becoming independent, I wonder?

He said a suspicion of globalisation and elites, wrapped up in issues of religious or ethnic or cultural identity was “a volatile mix”.

And have you made this situation better or worse during your time in office, Mr President?

Mr Obama insisted his vision – where “the future will be decided by what we have in common, rather than what leads us into conflict” – was the right one.

Yet somehow he exacerbated the divisions in the nation over which he presided.  Why, it’s almost as if his “vision” has little to do with how he actually governed.

He also said he was responsible for facilitating a good transition, presenting to Mr Trump his best ideas about how to move the country forward.

Er, yes. Thanks for that.  But you thought the best person to move the country forward was Hillary Clinton.  Now if you’d just leave the keys to the White House over there…

Mr Obama will be using the European leg of his trip to try to reassure leaders about future US commitment to its international alliances.

“Future” in this case meaning the next eight weeks or so.

Greek anarchist and left-wing groups are now holding protests “against the representative of imperialist powers”.

Video footage showed a number of protesters on one street pushing up against police in riot gear, before they were forced back.

If Trump has any sense he’ll give the place a wide berth.


8 thoughts on “Lame Duck Talking

  1. O won the Nobel Peace Prize after 11 days in office.

    In return for which he has kept the Afghan war going, kept Guantanamo open, kept troops in Iraq, and waged new wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. He has organised a coup in the Ukraine, and persistently tried to provoke Russia.

    All in all, he’s a bit of an arse.

  2. Rather a good quote from Mark Steyn that applies now to the US too;

    “In much of western Europe, on all the issues that matter, competitive politics decayed to a rotation of arrogant co-regents of an insular elite, with predictable consequences: if the political culture forbids respectable politicians from raising certain issues, then the electorate will turn to unrespectable ones.”

  3. Talking of unrespectable, I saw today a retort that took my breath away.

    “If George Bush is Hitler why aren’t you a lampshade?”

    H/T Kathy Shaidle

  4. Classless and ignorant, Obama — a man who early in his ‘presidency’ declared the police “stupid” over following procedures because a belligerent black man wouldn’t answer legitimate questions — went on to fail at every turn and fall at every hurdle.

    Obama blundered at every opportunity to show any quality of leadership, and we were continually lied to about him not least of which was because an insipid, degenerate lame stream media propped him up. The media fanned over him, lobbing soft questions at hard times and purring over small treats. If O’s greatest aim was to bring black rappers to the White House, I presume the press all had free tickets to attend so no problem there. The ‘bathhouse Barry’ stories were swiftly suppressed.

    O’s supposedly excellent law school papers have been locked away so we’ll never know how good he was at being a lawyer (I believe he wasn’t that good), and so much about him smacks of mystery that no one knows very much about him other than as a student in NY in the 1970s his promotion from a publisher stated he was Kenyan-born, though he did go by a different name then. Michelle even said, oops, that he was happy to be back in his homeland when they ere on a tour of Kenya.

    When O said in a TV interview about his “muslim faith” the interviewer quickly helped by correcting him that he meant his christian faith, and Obama mumbled an agreement. Bearing in mind he once said that the muslim call to prayers was the most beautiful sound in the world, and at the end of a speech in Cairo it has been said he added the arabic words “I am one of you” (which was not included in the English copy of his speech) at the end.

    One day someone will get the real story of how a middling, unexceptional mixed-race kid ‘born in Hawaii’ was swiftly elevated through the ranks of the Democrats to become their front runner and presidential choice. I expect HRC could reveal a lot but then he would reveal a lot about her, so a standoff here I suspect.

    Had O been Bush the president’s numerous gaffes would have been the subject of much laughter and dismay (he once said on TV that his ten pin bowling was like that of a special Olympics contestant, but no outrage there) and his inability to speak in public other than through a teleprompter earned him the deserved title of TOTUS.

    Yes, he fanned the flames of racial divide, made wars without returning his Nobel Peace Prize, sought to change America by making it weaker and less governed, drove up health care costs, ruined diplomatic relations by shelving allies in favour of sucking up to enemies, encouraged unlimited illegal immigration but throughout took the money and wallowed in the sycophantic praise of journalists who never dared question his lies nor even — it is claimed — shamed him for using Air Force One not only for private trips to watch sports games but to campaign for office, which I am told is illegal.

    Obama’s speeches were always full of himself and his thoughts (his speech at the Mandela funeral was a good example of it all being about O), and his lack of presidential qualities even meant, at the end of his reign of terror he couldn’t even bring himself to condemn the ant-Trump rioters. But then in all fairness he never stood by the police who had to deal with the trouble he stirred up.

    We are told that Carter was probably one the worst presidents in US but Peanut Jimmy would have to go some to match Obama’s eight disastrous years.

    Other than that, I’ll miss him.

  5. “…illiberal populist movements take hold in Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Poland, the Philippines,”

    Statist, central planning and control of the economy, society, people’s thought and speech, favoured minority groups, cronyism, intolerance to any and all who challenge/disagree with the governing orthodoxy.

    Sounds like the ‘Liberal Left’ – the Land of the Left has no mirrors so they never see themselves.

  6. Nationalism is a call for more local sovereignty when applied to democracies which first the nation states dissolved followed by the EU and globalisation. For totalitarian states it is a means to control the populace. Globalisation by freeing up trade and making it more inclusive is economically and socially guaranteed to enrich both but to cause political impoverishment to democracies and undermine totalitarian states. It’s effects are different but the ultimate effect will be convergence. That is far in the future. In the mean time for us in the West preservation of sovereignty is imperative whilst embracing everything else globalisation has to offer.

    Nationalisation is only respect for ones identity and need to association with those who we generally are in agreement with. We find however that general agreement does not satisfy and wish to associated with a group that is even closer in agreement to our own. In the UK we have woken up to that fact and we have been gradually been devolving power away from nation state as it is recognised that the smaller the population the greater the satisfaction in the decision making. Our Brexit vote is another manifestation of that desire.

    Globalisation of course like the EU is a direct attack on local identities and sovereignty and one day it will prevail. However we must make sure that it does so when we wish it to and our terms.

  7. @Watcher: O’s supposedly excellent law school papers have been locked away so we’ll never know how good he was at being a lawyer (I believe he wasn’t that good)

    I would tend to agree. Seems to me that if he was indeed half as brilliant as his court eunuchs have been pretending (smartest person in the room and all that twaddle), they would have happily provided the evidence in the form of his straight A transcripts. The fact that these never materialized indicates that he was a mediocre student who skated by in large part due to his pigmentation. The first affirmative action president, indeed.

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