Mysterious Attackers Target French-Chinese

My fellow blogger and friend Tim Blair wrote a post last year entitled “Invisible People of No Description from Nowhere”.  He was making fun of a phenomenon which nowadays gets regularly commented on by bloggers whereby a news report fails to mention the ethnicity or religion of those suspected of criminal behaviour.  It’s something that started several years ago but is now almost ubiquitous to news reports: pressure has been applied either directly or indirectly to those writing the articles to not mention the ethnicity or religion if the suspected criminals happen to belong to certain groups.  The only problem with that, as bloggers gleefully point out, is that the very lack of such information serves to tell you everything you need to know.  (There is an interesting inverse to this phenomenon which was recently identified by a Samizdata commenter.)

So, with that in mind, have a look at this article from the BBC about French-Chinese being subject to racial attacks and fearing for the lives in the suburbs of Paris.  There is absolutely no mention of who is carrying out these attacks.  Not even a whiff.  Now you can be sure that if one of the French-Chinese assault victims reported being struck with a large baguette wielded by a man with a big moustache wearing a beret and stripey jumper and his mate said “Jean-Louis, ‘it ‘im again, ‘e is steel moving!” then the BBC would be telling us.  But they’re not, so we know.

They still think we’re stupid.


3 thoughts on “Mysterious Attackers Target French-Chinese

  1. Antisemitism is on the rise in the UK but we are never told by who apart from the Corbynistas who are sometimes outed by the few non PC bloggers. Who state they are not antisemitic but anti Zionist. There is a difference apparently but I cannot discern it and they are the only group that identify with whose are decidedly antisemitic. No doubt the ones who the establishment is not telling us are the cause for the rise in antisemitism.

  2. Antisemitism is on the rise in the UK but we are never told by who…

    And on the rare occasion we are it is the “far Right” with an accompanying picture of skinheads.

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