Since I moved to Sakhalin 6 months ago, a fair number of people have contacted me after reading this blog to ask questions on what life is like here, what kind of accommodation is on offer, etc., usually with a view to take a job here or even having already signed up to come.

Considering the number of expats here and the size of the oil and gas projects both present and future, it always surprised me how little information is available to anyone coming here, or indeed for anyone who is already here.  Whereas most oil towns have a multitude of websites where people can read about the place, Sakhalin doesn’t really have any, and my blog seemed to be providing information that people obviously couldn’t get elsewhere.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to set up a web forum which can bring Sakhalin’s expats together with the aim of generating an online community here, and also to provide a place where people can come and have their questions answered before they get to the island and find some support once they arrive.

So, to all my Sakhalin-based readers, please head on over to, register, and start talking!  Registration is quick, easy, and free. No LOI is required, nor a hefty fee for a shady “facilitator”, and you do not need to renew your registration every six months by taking an expensive three-day trip to Seoul.


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  2. Have you thought of inviting the In Your Pocket people ( to come and do a guide for Sakhalin. I know they would love to do it, and they have done other guides to out of the way places like Kaliningrad and Ignalina, even Belfast. They are aimed exactly at your clientele.

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