Apologies for the lack of posts on here lately, work has picked up and I’ve been rather busy.  Besides, it’s been a quiet couple of weeks anyway with not much happening which has been worthy of note.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will leave Russia for the first time since our arrival some four and a half months ago (it will be only my second time off the island).  We are going to Pattaya in Thailand with a Russian couple from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to lie on the beach, do some snorkelling, and generally take it easy.

I will be back in Sakhalin on 9th February with a suntan, lots of photos, and a ladyboy or two.


Moderately heavy snow in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has delayed our departure by 24 hours.  The namby-pamby Koreans of Asiana Airlines wouldn’t land their plane in the snow, the same plane we were supposed to catch out of here on its return leg.  Meanwhile, the rough-and-ready Russians, smoking cigars whilst poking their heads out the windows of their rickety old Antonovs and WWII bombers, have been taking off all morning.  The good news is we should be able to extend our holiday until the 12th.


2 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Those cigar smoking Russian Flyer’s are what I call Manly Men. They do have a swagger about them. I like the leather jackets, hats and spit shinned boots. Have fun on your trip, those katoey’s can fool the best of us. Oh yea , I have been there..

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