Snow Barbecue

Since the last set of pictures appearing on this blog was taken, we have had some pretty heavy snowfalls and the temperature has dropped considerably.  Yesterday saw the mercury climb to +1 degree Celcius, the first time it has gone higher than freezing in a fortnight.  The week before last, the temperature barely got above -7.

This change in the weather meant I was for the first time able to take part in yet another traditional Russian pastime: the snow barbecue.  This is identical to an ordinary barbecue but it takes place in the snow, and instead of wearing a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops you wear Arctic exploration gear.  Beer is drunk in much the same quantities as in any normal barbecue, except in snow barbecues you don’t have much trouble keeping the stuff cold.  Here are some pictures from the afternoon.

Mountains, Sakhalin Island

The view was nice…

Stream, Sakhalin Island was the little stream running past the spot where we set up.

Snow barbecue, Sakhalin Island 

The men prepared the barbecue…

Snow barbecue, Sakhalin Island 

Snow barbecue, Sakhalin Island 

Snow barbecue, Sakhalin Island 

…whilst my wife helpfully built a snowgirl…

Snowgirl, Sakhalin Island 

Gunplay, Sakhalin Island 

…and I played with the air rifle one of the Russians had brought along.

Me, Sakhalin Island 

At first, the sun kept things fairly warm…

Yulia and me, Sakhalin Island 

…but as the sun went down, some warmer clothes were required.


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  1. A propos of nothing: yesterday I met Jackie Danicki, on NY business visit at the moment – and we remembered you and your first lessons in Russian on her blog’s thread.
    Were your ears red?

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