Sakhalin II LNG Site

There is a very detailed satellite view of the Sakhalin II LNG facility under construction at Prigorodnoye on Sakhalin Island here.  This is the largest project on the island, and involves nearly everyone who is working here in some way or another, plus an enormous number abroad.  The blue and purple buildings at the top is the camp for 5,500 workers who live on the site, and a further 3,000 travel in each day.

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3 thoughts on “Sakhalin II LNG Site

  1. You can see all the sediment from construction washing into the ocean. It is also apparent that some measures have been taken to capture and detain surface water run-off and sediments. I imagine they have something like a SWPP plan in place, as part of their permitting, etc.

  2. I don’t think that is sediment running into the sea, the environmental regulators would be all over them if they did that. I think it is the dredging of the channel for the LNG ships to come in alongside the jetty which is causing the sediment to cloud the water, plus the jetty itself is under construction in the picture. Zooming right in allows you to take a pretty good guess at what the ships are doing.

    The jetty construction work is all finished now, as is the dredging. I would bet that a more recent photo would show much less cloudiness in the water.

  3. Yep, the ships are certainly churning up sediment, that is the largest plume that you can see in the image. I was noticing more the smaller plumes along the shoreline where a couple of streams enter the sea.

    No doubt re: environmental regulators.

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