Latvia moved, climate improved, tribal feuds on the rise.

At the bottom of this story of a supermarket roof collapsing in Riga, Latvia was this nugget:

The reason for the collapse is not known. However, the BBC’s Caucasus correspondent Damien McGuinness says a possible explanation is the weight of soil being used to plant a winter garden on the supermarket’s roof.

Firstly: no shit, Sherlock.

Secondly: Caucasus correspondent?  Is the BBC aware that Latvia is an EU member state situated on the Baltic sea?  Riga is 1,300 miles from Grozny; it is 1,000 miles from BBC headquarters in London.

Either those at the BBC don’t know geography well enough to figure out which correspondent to call, or Our Man in the Caucasus is on a jolly in Riga.


2 thoughts on “Latvia moved, climate improved, tribal feuds on the rise.

  1. They’ve maybe succumbed to the American habit of calling everyone white “Caucasian”.

    You must have noticed that The Young nowadays speak bastardised American, not Brenglish.

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