Rip-Off Britain

Yesterday evening I bought this Fujitsu-Siemens laptop, identical except mine has a 200Gb hard drive capacity instead of the 120Gb on the one advertised.

Had I bought it in the UK, as the advert shows, I would have paid £1209 including the VAT.  As I bought it in Dubai, I paid £670.  That is a saving of £539, or 45%.  Yes, I am sure you could get it cheaper than £1209 in the UK by not buying direct from Fujitsu-Siemens, but even so the consumers in the UK are being shafted royally.

If anybody asks you why some of us prefer to live in a 50 degree desert or minus 40 tundra than stay at home, be sure to direct them to this post.  Rip-off Britain is still alive and well.


4 thoughts on “Rip-Off Britain

  1. That’s why I’m going to apply for a job at Emirates Airlines after my training as a Flight Attendant is ended ;))))
    …and trust me, it’s not only a thing that happens in UK: VAT is a tremendous also here in Italy (20%) and so are prices.

    Take care and have fun with your new baby lappy 😉

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