My life is changing rapidly.

Last night my girlfriend Yulia and I got engaged.  The smart money was on a throw-back, but the promise of a glamorous lifestyle in Sakhalin won her over.  Now all I have to do is buy a ring, but I’m fast running out of kidneys.

Tim & Yulia

Seriously, I couldn’t be happier.


Ring purchased, now scouring eBay for dialysis machines.

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28 thoughts on “Engaged

  1. Congratulations Tim,

    Now you have someone to share your adventures with. The both of you will be talking about Sakhalin for the rest of your lives. “Who Dares Wins”.


  2. Wow! no, really – wow! Congratulations!
    You look positively raiant, both of you.

    Photograpns – feh. Your life should be made into a movie. Epic with moments of romantic comedy. Best kind.

    All the best to you, guys!

  3. ps please tell me the ring was platinum

    Oops! Sadly not…white gold, I’m afraid.

  4. So long as the future Mrs N is happy. That’s all that counts.

    By the way real men don’t need dialysis – they just strain the blood through an old sock.


  5. nice couple of horses;) i know this is mean, but u so much smile like a horse :}

    congratulations, heeaaaa heeaaaaaaa

  6. i know this is mean, but u so much smile like a horse :}

    That’s not the only thingabout mewhich is horse-like, pfnarr pfnarr.

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