A Decade in Exile

On June 12th 2003 I was sent on my first overseas business trip to Oman, via the United Arab Emirates, and never really came back.  I consider myself to have emigrated on this date, even if the practical arrangements were sorted out back in the UK over 2 weeks in the following August.

Since then I have:

  • Visited 35 countries, 19 of them at somebody else’s expense.
  • Made 192 international border crossings.
  • Worked for 5 companies, been fired from 1.
  • Held a work permit in 4 countries, lived in 5.
  • Learned 2 languages (one to a basic level, the other to intermediate).
  • Got platinum membership with both a major airline and a major hotel chain.
  • Made some cash.

Sometimes it has been brilliant, sometimes it has been utter shite.  One must take the rough with the smooth.


8 thoughts on “A Decade in Exile

  1. Offended some cloggies.

    Made some good friends.

    Promoted horticulture adjacent to the headmasters balcony.

  2. Time flies huh? I’m coming up for 12 years since I forced my skillset on unwitting British employers. Country count stands at 42. Would never have been able to do that from Oz.

  3. Did you live in Muscat. I spent 2 yrs in Bahrain and over-nighted in Muscat quite a bit and had a weeks holiday there, loved it! Reckon Oman was the best place in the Gulf

  4. You never know, our paths may have crossed there as I started in Bahrain Nov 2002 and left Oct 2004.

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