Anchored in Love Bovine

The desert sun does strange things to some people.  Last year we had somebody in Ras Al Khaimah jailed for shagging a camel, now somebody has been caught in Fujairah sexually assaulting a cow:

A Bangladeshi labourer allegedly turned into a wild beast after dashing into a cattle pen and sexually assaulting a cow. He was detained and referred to the court, which sentenced him to six months in jail to be followed by deportation.

Court records showed that a national heard abnormal sounds coming out of his cattle pen. When opening the door and checking, he found a Bangladeshi labourer, identified as M.Z., sexually assaulting a cow. He took hold of him and called the police. The man, who was arrested, admitted to his crime, while the cow was sent for medical examination.

(Via Secret Dubai Diary, who notes this as being an “udderly tragic affair”)


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  1. Well, it ain’t a bull so I guess it was female. The camel was definitely female. You could tell by the long eyelashes and lipstick.

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