Anti-war, anti-business, anti-clue

Good to see the anti-war crowd are up to speed with current events:

Protesters against the war in Iraq yesterday stormed an oil firm’s premises. The six-strong group entered KBR Production Services headquarters at Dyce shortly after 9am and tried to tamper with their computers. The protesters also threw files around the Wellheads Place office during the 20-minute incident.Police yesterday confirmed they were investigating after a number of unauthorised people entered the premises.

The demonstrators told staff they were anti-war protesters voicing their opposition to Halliburton’s operations in Iraq.


When staff pointed out the Aberdeen-based production services business had been sold by Halliburton last week, in a deal believed to be worth £100million, they decided to leave.

You’d have thought that anyone with enough interest in KBR to protest about them would have known that they’d undergone a change of ownership, wouldn’t you?


One thought on “Anti-war, anti-business, anti-clue

  1. I would not have thought that the sort of people who protest things would bother being well-informed.

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