The BBC: 15 years behind

From the BBC, ten days ago:

Former dual-code England rugby international Jason Robinson has revealed his battle with depression that saw him turn to Christianity.

The 37-year-old said his lowest point was while he was at league side Wigan.

“I was playing so well at the time I had some money in my pocket, I had all the things that I thought would be the answer,” he told BBC Radio Manchester.

It was during his time at Wigan that his friendship with former All Black winger Va’aiga Tuigamala set him on the path to finding religion.

This was known to pretty much everyone following rugby league in the mid-90s, and anyone who followed Wigan.  He used to talk about it all the time, and continued to do so when he switched to union in 2000.  Here’s an article in The Independent from five years ago:

The example that he himself followed was that of his Wigan team-mate Va’aiga Tuigamala, who arrived at Central Park in 1994 when Robinson was downing bottles of vodka for fun. “I couldn’t work out why he was so happy. He turned up every morning with a smile from ear to ear, yet he didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke, he didn’t sleep around, he didn’t have the nicest car in the car park. It was when I finally realised what brought him such contentment that I realised it what I was seeking myself.”

And the change Tuigamala brought about in Robinson was being reported way back in 1996.

Perhaps this is one of the changes brought about by the BBC’s move to Salford: decade-and-a-half old stories from the north-west being rehashed as news.

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