Crocketile Dundee

This is fun. Some background:

In 2001, Shane Della-Vedova, a military captain in the army explosives team, was asked to dispose of ten M72 shoulder-fired rocket launchers from an Australian Defence Force base. … Apparently, he overlooked ten rocket launchers that were still in the car boot––driving away that day with them in the back of his car.

Which led to a sequence of events that included the best quote in Australian wiretapping history:

“I sold the rocket launchers to my mate and he sold it to those fucking dickhead terrorists. Now it’s a fucking drama.”

Remember, this lot think Americans should be looking to them for advice on regulating handguns.


15 thoughts on “Crocketile Dundee

  1. Can’t help wondering what happened to those M72s. Nice bit of kit. Wonder how much the ragheads would want for one? Although to be on the safe side, better all 9. Get a bit of discount. And Westminster’s such a target rich environment.

    And to the security services who are no doubt reading this: Of course it’s a joke. You never get discount from ragheads.

  2. Just remember, only the Government can be trusted to possess weapons and the public must be disarmed to make the world a safer place …

  3. But who else is in the market for rocket launchers besides fucking dickhead terrorists? And aren’t the security services supposed to notice if you put rocket launchers on ebay?

  4. Notice how he defends himself as having panicked when finding he forgot the 10 M72s in the boot of his car, how it was a one off and totally uncharacteristic his behavior was. The notice the reference of the sale of the rocket launchers and GRENADES in the article. Where did the grenades come from?

  5. As we know from Top Gear, the glove compartment is for magazines and smile grenades fit nicely in cup holders.

  6. “There was information that [the Darwiches] weren’t happy with the cops and they were going to launch a rocket launcher into our headquarters,” says Detective Stuart Wilkins

    Throw it through the window? I think they’d prefer you handed it in at the front desk.

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  8. I’m sure that the captain was supposed to “de-mil” or blow up the launchers. I think it is funny that people I knew in the military were trained to not sell weapons to other people. The explosives especially.

  9. Actually, Australian defence procurement is such a joke – and has been for several years – I’m surprised the guy didn’t manage to sell the rocket launchers back to the Aussie Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, along with the Datsun Cherry in the boot of which they were no doubt stashed – and make A Very Tidy Profit.

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