Ad of Hitler

A reader in Hong Kong alerts me to an interesting selection of adverts under my latest post.To think, I once got an email from the advertising agency that my commentators might be a little sweary for Google’s sensibilities.


7 thoughts on “Ad of Hitler

  1. It reflects what Google has discerned that the reader has an interest in, based on their search history, plus a less touchy feeling towards that subject in their location.
    Most of the ads I get are not a surprise at all, but occasionally I’ll get something inexplicable, such as gay dating.

  2. Vaguely amusingly, right now I apparently am invited to accept advice upon Brexit via a chatbot provided by the Institute of Directors.

    Talk about confirmation bias, bunch of fucking morons. What a complete bunch of utterly useless cunts the IoD are, and always have been.

    (Para 2 might be something of an experiment, even though it is wholly accurate).

  3. Like Matt says, a revealing window on your Hong Kong reader’s browsing history. And surprises me. Thought Hong Kong was a real fun city…

  4. I’m fairly confident my reader in Hong Kong hasn’t been browsing Hitler sites. Probably a combination of location and post subject matter.

  5. Don’t see any of these things because I use Brave as my browser and it seamlessly blocks all the crud that can make the internet such a pain.

  6. I’m another reader in Hong Kong. The Book Depository ad I see on Tim’s front page has the Hong Kong police book, the anatomy book and something called Women Who Think Too Much…

  7. They wouldn’t need to be searching Hitler sites. It’s just a bookstore, from the looks of it.

    The ads I get on here are, most consistently, for menswear stores I browse. Recently I got a new LG TV and since then I’ve been getting LG ads. I just noticed ads for cruise holidays and remembered that the word “cruise” (as in Tom) was part of a search I ran earlier. (No, this has nothing to do with the homosexual dating ads I mentioned previously (lol) I was trying to find a Gif from Valkyrie )

    Your HK reader could have simply searched for books.

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