Nigerian Slogans #1

Nigerians like to paint slogans on pretty much anything with a vertical surface, which range from amusing through stating the obvious to downright bizarre.  I’ll post the more interesting ones I see on here from time to time.

Seen in the back window of a minibus taxi:

No Food for Lazy Man

They should print that in large letters across parts of the UK.

Stencilled onto a municipal water pipeline every 30m or so:

Water No Get Enemy

Well, no.  I suppose it doesn’t.

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3 Responses to Nigerian Slogans #1

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  2. Mark Baker says:

    I read a post from Sakhalin island and then found the most recent post is from Nigeria. You get around. Anymore good slogans? I like the one – No Food for Lazy Man. Don’t lt my wife see it, I’ll go hungry.

  3. Christine Basha says:

    Dont forget No telephone to heaven and Let my enemies live long and see what I shall become in life.

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