Rip-Off Britain

Kindle 3G = $189

Kindle = $139

Kindle 3G = £149 ($232)

Kindle = £109 ($169)

I’ve noticed similar discrepancies between and, too.

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  1. Apples with Apples... says:

    Let’s compare apples with apples…

    US Kindle – $189/$139, possibly plus sales tax depending on destination.
    UK Kindle – £149/£109 inc 17.5% VAT, so £126.80/£92.76 without. Which, according to, converts to $197.34/$144.36

    Looks like surprisingly level pricing to me…

  2. Tim Newman says:

    Prices on are inclusive of tax.

  3. Jon Bullock says:

    Apple & Adobe products are even worse. It used to be cheaper to fly to New York for a night to buy Adobe CS and bring it back with you than buy it in the UK!

  4. David Duff says:

    Thanks for the tip but without having the slightest idea what a ‘Kindle’, 3G or otherwise, is but on the assumption that it is an electronic-thingie (sorry about the technospeak) can one assume that such things work ‘over here’ on our electric system? Or does one have to buy an adapter of the sort which my wife believes to be essential on trips to France in order to keep her hair-dryer-thingie going?

  5. T says:

    I would gladly buy it for you here, Tim, but with the shipping (by either USPS, Fedex or UPS) the total, I’m afraid, will be even higher.

    But if you’re fine with that, I’ll happily oblige

  6. Tim Newman says:


    A kindle is something a boy scout starts a fire with. :)


    Many thanks for the offer, but I was only browsing out of curiosity having seen them advertised on the London underground. They look pretty good but I have a large backlog of paper books to read, and by the time I’ve ploughed through them the Kindle is likely to have been upgraded twice.

  7. komat says:

    i am just mad about being ripped off all the time,the latest is the samsung pad , here it is for sale @ £500 and in the usa it costs just £160. the ideal way of letting them know how one feels is not to buy them, of course people will, because we are used to being ripped off…

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