Ignorant Brits in Bars

I haven’t watched England playing football in a bar for years, but last night I did because I have an American friend staying with me and we wanted to watch both games simultaneously.  I soon realised why I stopped watching England matches in bars.

A Chelsea fan – who else? – spent 90 minutes roaring boorish, ignorant, remarks at the TV, seemed to think the Slovenians were Russians and referred to them as such throughout, and several times called the German referee a Nazi.  When Joe Cole came on he abused him as a traitor for leaving the club next season, perhaps not realising that his contract is not being renewed leaving him with little choice but to go elsewhere.  His remarks about the Algerians I will not repeat on here.

Last time I watched an England match in a bar, I think the same bloke was behind me.   No doubt the next few days will be filled with WWII references which the rest of the world forgot in the 1950s.  I’ll be watching the game at home, praying for a German win if only to shut up those who make England an international embarrassment.

Oh, and England might have beaten Slovenia and finished an impressive second in the weakest group of the tournament, but I doubt the Dutch, Argentines, Brazilians, and Portugese are too worried.  If England were any good, they’d be playing Ghana next.

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3 Responses to Ignorant Brits in Bars

  1. Tatyana says:

    I know.
    Today I crossed out from my LJ-list a Russian who called Americans “stupid XXX” (derogatory name edited). She is a Moscovite who visited US and has “loving family’ here, as she says. At the same time she mocked some local woman (who never traveled abroad) who appeared not to know that it is Venice that has canals, not Vienna. ‘Ahaha”, laughed that blogger, “what a thick-headed geographical cretins those Americans are”. But when I asked her what’s capital city of my state, NY, or even simpler task – how many states there are in USA, she got all puffy and hurt – but never gave me a straight answer.

    Gosh, I hate simplistic boors from all sides.

  2. A strange thing. I like to watch football alone, so I can actually watch it. It has always amazed me – the USA/England game was a great example – how many apparent England nutters in pubs watch the first ten minutes and then, if it’s still 0-0, just start talking among themselves, only diverted by a rise in the commentator’s voice. I don’t think men like football. I think men like an excuse to fraternise with other men without appearing to be homosexual.

  3. Tatyana,

    You are right, an average person has knowledge about his/her country and some countries around. Even if you travel a lot, you do not have enough time to read about economy, society, culture of each country.

    I also prefer to watch at home but I don’t like sport too much.

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