Europe Urged to Re-evaluate Costs of Nord Stream

Upstream Online reports of Russian threat to scrap the controversial Nord Stream pipeline project, which would supply Russian gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea, bypassing the Baltic states:

Russia may ditch its Baltic Sea gas pipeline project, Nord Stream, and build gas liquefaction plants instead if Europe keeps delaying the pipeline, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said today.

“Europe must decide whether it needs this pipeline or not,” Putin told Finland’s Prime Minister, Matti Vanhanen, at a meeting in Moscow.

“If you don’t we will build liquefaction plants and send gas to world markets, including to European markets.

“But it will be simply more expensive for you. You are free to make the calculations yourself,” he added.

Putin’s advice is sound, and I imagine that several European countries are doing just that.  By purchasing Russian LNG on the open market, European consumers may well find themselves paying a financial premium, only in doing so they would be free from the risk of Russia meddling with the supply.  What’s more, as the Arabs found with oil, it would be impossible to isolate any one country were LNG to be sold to the worldwide markets, meaning that the Baltic states – whose approval is required for Nord Stream to be realised - would find themselves with as much access to Russian gas as anyone else.  It is hard to think of a reason why most European countries would not favour this option.

Unsurprisingly Germany, having invested serious political capital in the project, is defending Nord Stream:

“The German government sees the Nord Stream pipeline as a central project to the future assurance of European and German gas provision,” Germany Economy Ministry said according to Reuters.

To which the Baltic states and Poland might be entitled to respond with the question of “Which European states are you referring to?”  Germany is backing Nord Stream over LNG bought on the open market because it will be cheaper for Germans.  That this will likely deny other European states – supposedly in a political union with Germany – access to Russian gas seems to be a concern subordinate to Germany sourcing its own supply of cheap gas, as does any political risk Nord Stream may present in the form of Russia switching off the gas when it suits.

Up until now, the choice has always been presented as between Europe buying Russian gas through a series of pipelines or not buying Russian gas at all.  Now with a gas OPEC between Russia, Qatar, and Iran looking like a real possibility, Russia has introduced the option (which would make a gas cartel more feasible) of selling its gas as LNG on the open market.  European countries will need no urging from Putin to carry out calculations as to the benefits this arrangement would bring, and it is unlikely that many will be convinced that Germany’s backing of the pipeline is motivated by anything other than self interest at the expense of others.

In a few years time we may look back at Putin’s remarks as being the moment when Nord Stream was killed off before it ever really got going.

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6 Responses to Europe Urged to Re-evaluate Costs of Nord Stream

  1. Khabarovsk online says:

    On the other hand, the oil OPEC is still here (Qatar is a part of it as well) and further possible step might be a free trade (and specualation) of gas on the stock market.

  2. Marco says:

    My guess is that in a few years time an ever-increasing percentage will go to China. Whatever happens everyone will clamour for Russia’s resources when global production is in full swing.

    These are interesting times indeed. America’s two main philosophical exports Political Correctness (Roberta Aschermann) and Greed have caused a world recession. Amazingly a large dose of socialism was applied – but only for the people who caused the recession. Now a Congressman is asking whether Paulson has dished out half of the $700 billion to his friends, not so far-fetched an idea when one realises that Russia’s resources apart from gas, were stolen by 10 people, none Russian. And that the IMF chief, the World Bank chief, Paulson and the Russian oligarchs come from the same “milieu”

    The Chinese and Eastern Europeans think that Obama’s election is a land-mark in America’s declining might. If the Baltic statelets have their way, I think that would show Germany’s declining might.

  3. Tatyana says:

    “none Russian”?
    “world recession was caused by Greed”?
    “Greed is an American export”?

    man, what R U smoking?

  4. dima says:

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  5. dima says:

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