This Winter

This winter has been noticeably colder than last winter.  A typical winter’s day last year saw temperatures of -12C in the morning, creeping slowly up to -2C during the day.  This year, and particularly last week, we saw temperatures of -27C in the mornings creeping up to -13C during the day.  Trying to fire your car up when the engine is at -22C is not much fun.

But this is nothing compared to Siberia, where the temperature in Angarsk last Tuesday was -55C.  We have seen things warming up a little over the weekend, and for that I am grateful.  Tomorrow I am going to Angarsk.

I’ll be back on Friday, assuming I survive the cold and the internal Russian airlines.

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2 Responses to This Winter

  1. Russophile says:

    I just spent a few weeks in Siberia and I can confirm that it was much colder than last winter. We saw minus 40 several days this year where last year it was usually only about minus 10. (temps in celsius)

    One thing I find interesting is that in Siberia in winter temperature is never quoted as “minus” or “x degrees below zero.” The exception is above freezing so a quoted temperature is almost always assumed to be below zero unless quoted as “warm.”

  2. Larry Barrow says:

    Where is Global Warming when we need it?? What would we do if our average annual temperatures were below average for the next decade?

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