Idiot Idiot Idiot

I’m an idiot.  Make that a complete idiot. do deliver to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and indeed everywhere else in Russia.  I am just incapable of reading an onscreen message.  One of the books I was trying to order was out of print, and hence I was ordering it second hand through a third party affiliate of Amazon.  This third party don’t deliver to Russia, hence a warning flagged up beneath this particular book as well as at the top of the page.  Your clueless blogger saw a long list of books with a warning at the top and bottom and assumed the entire list was unable to be shipped to Russia.

As I said: idiot.  Still, at least that’s an idiot with a book supply.

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3 Responses to Idiot Idiot Idiot

  1. George Hargraves says:

    Is Amazon sending things to Yuznho necessarily the same thing as the Russian postal service actually delivering them to you?

  2. Tim Newman says:

    Good point George. So far, the postage to my work address has been quite good, but so far there has been nothing sent to me worth pilfering.

  3. Duffy says:

    what’s the book in question? Perhaps one of your readers has (or can get) a copy.

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