That was handy!

I’m mentioning this just for fun, really:

A Sikhorsky S-92 helicopter had to conduct an emergency landing on Talisman’s deserted Yme platform in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea on Friday.

The helicopter, operated by Bristow, was initially en route to BP’s Valhall platform with 12 passengers and two pilots onboard, according to Stavanger Aftenblad.

It was forced to head back towards the heliport in Sola, outside Stavanger, due to heavy fog around Valhall, but had to divert to the Yme platform when a warning lamp on the instrument panel indicated gearbox trouble.

The Yme platform has been unmanned for more than a year after the jack-up production platform, which never produced any oil or gas, was determined to be structurally unsafe.

Platform owner SBM Offshore decided early this year that the platform would be scrapped, but, luckily for the crew and passengers on the Bristow helicopter, it still remains stationed on the field.

Sadly, the story isn’t rounded off by tales of men being found in the meat locker, contorted in death with horrific masks of indescribable fear on their faces and a sole survivor who rocked back and forth screaming “They came from the seeeeeaaaaaa!!”

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  1. Yes that really would work as script… and I can see Kate Beckinsale as the implausibly attractive pilot.

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