Change in Editorial Policy

For reasons which are nothing whatsoever to do with censorship in the Middle East or as a result of pressure from the authorities, this blog will no longer be commenting on political events in the Middle East.  Previous posts which fall under this category will be removed from the archives at some point tomorrow.

If anyone wants a further explanation, please drop me a line.

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5 Responses to Change in Editorial Policy

  1. brdavis says:

    Okay …maybe it’s not “dropping a line” …but what the heck is this all about?

  2. Tatyana says:


    When you contract is due, pal?
    [do you still have my e-mail?]

  3. safia says:

    I always loved reading your dissections of dumb Gulf News letters & editorials, especially the ones on Hamas & foreign aid.
    What happened?

  4. Mark Holland says:

    Oh dear, I assume you’ve been leaned on by someone or other.

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