Well, I’ll be blowed!

Two girls, with the same surname and first name initial, are born in England a year apart.  Both are raised on a farm, one learning to drive tractors, the other a forklift.  One grows up to be a 6′ blonde, the other a 5′ 11″ blonde.  Yet Ashley Long is not related to Angel Long in any way.  Funny, heh?

Oh, and both become hardcore porn stars.

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3 Responses to Well, I’ll be blowed!

  1. W. Shedd says:

    And you discovered them while doing research? ;-)

    Good man, as my buddy Evil Jim says, you can never get too much porn-star history!

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  3. The Remittance Man says:

    Researching porn stars? Sounds like you’ve been stuck in the blue for too long.


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