BBC in “Iraq War was planned” shock!

Bush-Blair Iraq war memo revealed

exclaims the BBC triumphantly.

The New York Times says it has seen a memo which shows that the US president was firmly set on the path to war two months before the 2003 Iraq invasion.

From private talks between George Bush and UK PM Tony Blair, the memo makes it clear the US was determined to go to war whether or not he had UN backing.

Although the US and UK pushed for a second UN resolution on Iraq, the memo cites Mr Bush saying he did not believe one was needed.

The US would put its full weight behind efforts to get another resolution and would twist arms and even threaten,” Mr Bush is paraphrased as saying.

“But he had to say that if we ultimately failed, military action would follow anyway.”

How exactly is this news?  It became very clear in 2003 that Bush was prepared to go to war without the second UN resolution when Bush went to war without the second UN resolution.  Yet the BBC thinks a memo, that “the New York Times has seen”, which allegedly confirms what is blatantly obvious to anyone with a passing interest in world events is worthy of news.

Some people say they remember when the BBC was good.  I guess I’m too young.  In my experience, the BBC has always been shite and is getting rapidly worse.

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2 Responses to BBC in “Iraq War was planned” shock!

  1. secretdubai says:

    Well, what absolutely stunning, devastating news. I’m sure that will cause such richter-topping shockwaves on both sides that everyone will be as flabberghasted as I am and start hyperventilating at their keyboards.

  2. George Hargraves says:

    The rest of the world knew at the time that Bush went the UN route to help Blair with his political problems in the UK.

    Mrs T. seemed to induce insanity in her opponents. The BBC has always been centre-leftish but it lurched openly to the loony left in the Thatcher years.

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