Snippets and Snapshots


The Rivers State police command said a loud blast heard in Port Harcourt earlier today was that of a missile accidentally fired from an airforce jet on routine maintenance at the Airforce mechanic hangar in Port Harcourt.

Commissioner of Police Mohammed Indabawa told Saharareporters that the missile hit an uncompleted building three kilometers from the scene of the accidental discharge. He said no death or injuries were reported.

Panicked residents had reported hearing a deafening explosion in Worji area of Port Harcourt around 7:30 AM.

Then we have this, located just behind our office building and photographed by a colleague who heard a loud crash:

I think they might have a spot of bother returning that the the hire company.  “Hey, I had bit of trouble retracting the boom…”

Meanwhile, they’re erecting a huge tent out the front of our office (insert jokes about clowns and circuses here), which was halfway up when one of the mainstays fell over.  Before and after pictures are below.

 Finally, some scaffolding:

 I’m still alive, somehow.

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3 Responses to Snippets and Snapshots

  1. Alisa says:

    The scaffolding is by far the most impressive…:-)

  2. Simon says:

    The scaffolding is amazing. It even puts Russian health and safety to shame!

  3. Tatyana says:

    as long as you don’t attempt to test that scaffold

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