Travel Again

By the time this is posted I’ll be on en route to Florida were I’ll be spending the next nine days. I’m killing several birds with one stone: going to my brother’s 50th birthday bash in Miami, taking part in this bluegrass jam session outside Orlando, visiting an old vet buddy I worked with in Kuwait up in Pensacola, and meeting a mysterious Russian woman who I suspect is a spy sent to kill me with polonium for blogging unkindly about Putin. If I’m not back blogging within a few weeks, start looking for alligators that glow in the dark.

Until then, enjoy yourselves.


8 thoughts on “Travel Again

  1. That intro is like one of those, if you are reading this then I am already cactus ones.

    Half yer luck with the vacation and good luck with the Russian broad. I hope she is not too cranky about you finding that it was Putin that done the MH17 job, which would explain the secrecy of your flight plan!

    Mind you though if you found Brooklyn droll, Florida in mid-summer will certainly challenge you.

  2. Make sure to remember to call her Katya, regardless of her name. Russian chicks love that.

    If she pretends to get angry, just tell her she reminds you of someone… 😉

  3. Envy writ large, Miami is the greatest, have a great time, come back safe n sound

  4. Enjoy boiling slowly in the humidity, and mind the mosquitoes – they tend to carry away the unaware.

  5. Tim,

    Love it!

    When will you be in Miami and where will you be staying? I live on South Beach (ahem).

    I’m a regular reader and, although we’ve never met, I feel I already sort-of know you. I know I don’t contribute as much as I should to your blog, but you’re a prolific writer: by the time I’m ready to reply to a piece, you’ve written at least one more.

    Anyway, I’d like for us to meet. You’ve got my email, so get back to me and I’ll send you my number.

  6. Thanks for the reminder about the bluegrass thing in Ocoee. I didn’t realize that was still a thing. Was on my local bucket list for a while but dropped off the radar. And if the Russian dame’s name is Natasha, tell her I haven’t forgotten about the money she owes me and to expect a visit from Yegor.

  7. Wow, it’s almost like Tim has a life of his own, in which we lot only play a secondary role.

    You’d better be enjoying your vacation, Tim! 🙂

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