I’ll not be posting for a few days as I’m going to Tarragona in Spain to meet up with a Venezuelan mate and, probably, drink rum until I fall over. I’ll be driving down, and this afternoon I hope to stop at the Pont du Gard to marvel at Roman engineering and construction. I’ll spend the night in Perpignan and continue on my way tomorrow.

Be good while I’m gone.


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  1. Now that’s what you call an aqueduct!

    On my recent trip to the UK, I donned my anorak and visited the fully functioning Avon and Kelvin Aqueducts on the recently reopened Union Canal. Not quite Pont du Gardish but huge engineering achievements at the time, both of them are highly recommended. I also liked the way that they have preserved Kelvin side in general, very impressive.

    Enjoy your break, especially after all that swatting. I get nightmares about that kind of thing.

    I hope your mate doesn’t wear a wig!


    Venezuelan man busted trying to smuggle cocaine hidden under his wig

    Authorities at Barcelona’s international airport stopped the man and asked him to remove his wig.

  2. Don’t miss the museum. Amazing recreations of the engineering and construction, among other things.
    Oh, including IIRC discussion of the economics and employment issues.
    Bon voyage!

  3. I would be interested in your mate’s take on his home country, if he’s prepared to go ‘on the record’ as it were. No worries if he’s reluctant.

  4. Given that five days have elapsed and the plan was to drink Rum until he collapses, and check out a southern French aqueduct, he’s probably died of heatstroke.

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