More Neck than a Giraffe

Little wonder oil companies can appear aloof to the concerns of citizens when presented with rubbish like this:

An investigation by a US civil rights group into the effects of the Macondo oil spill has found increased levels of mental health problems among Gulf Coast residents.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) probe also found that reports of domestic violence in communities near the Gulf have more than doubled since the spill.

The oil spill has caused men in Louisiana to kick the shit out of their wives twice as often?  Seriously?  This from people who want to advance the cause of coloured people.  I’m not sure why they think this can be achieved by painting them as violent lunatics who respond to an oil spill by thrashing their wives and children with increased ferocity, but their solution is clear enough: 

In its report, the NAACP urges BP to provide financial support for physical and mental health services in the region and for community-based organisations that help families affected by the oil spill.

Of course.  Give us a load of money or the Gulf coast’s women will get a right-hander for burning the gumbo.

This would embarrass a Nigerian traffic cop.


5 thoughts on “More Neck than a Giraffe

  1. uh-oh. Tim, your admirer Mark will now hastily remove himself and his love declarations and call you the favorite leftist slur: a racist!
    what have you done.

  2. The mental health stresses from Macondo most likely arise from increased unemployment among oil field personnel on the Gulf Coast, the result of the Obama Administration putting the kibosh on offshore drilling in the Gulf, instead of simply stopping drilling for the idiot company that is responsible for the Macondo disaster. I refer to BP, the company that billed itself as “Beyond Petroleum” and also contributed big bucks to the Obama campaign.

  3. A little secret among the commercial fishermen is that it is pretty much a cash business even when selling the packing houses. There is no way that those fishermen will be able to legally justify any valid claims of loss. Additionally, the shrimping season had begun and looked like it was going to be a banner year, those socks in bureaus and coffee cans buried in yards were expected to be quite full of tax free cash.

    FYI, among all reports the fishing right in the area of the Macondo Well seems better than it has been in decades and the coastal fishing right where oil washed up, was nothing short of spectacular this spring. Even my biology professor are conceding there was no harm done to the fisheries.

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