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The other day I listened to the TRIGGERnometry podcast with a comedian called Fin Taylor. I knew nothing about Taylor, but he describes himself as a comedian who is happy to make fun of both sides of the cultural divide, mocking identity politics which has earned him the ire of the left. One of the main topics for the first part of the show was an article which appeared in The Independent criticising his jokes as being offensive, misogynist, and outdated. Taylor’s position is he is an edgy comic taking things right to the line, and if the snowflakes get triggered then so what? Which is refreshing, right?

Well, not quite. The second part of the show (at about 30 mins) discussed the situation surrounding Count Dankula, the Scottish chap who was arrested and convicted of a criminal offence for getting his pug to do a Nazi salute. Taylor – who enjoys regular work with the BBC – says jokes need to be “defensible” because there are laws around broadcasting which “we all sign up to”. He sees the internet as a free-for-all which can bypass these supposed standards and thinks this is a bad thing because “there is no machinery to uphold the same principles of maintaining the social fabric”. He then talks about people “pumping hate speech into the ether”, claims that “teenage girls are killing themselves because of things they’re seeing” and then mentions the massacre in Christchurch. Taylor casts doubt on whether Dankula was actually joking, doesn’t seem to have a problem with Dankula being fined, and refuses to defend him. He later claims every woman in public life is constantly told she’s going to be raped or killed, hence the need for government regulation of jokes on the internet.

It’s not hard to see what’s happening here. For all Taylor’s “trigger the snowflakes” reputation he’s a paid-up member of the political establishment’s approved list of comics. This almost certainly works well for him in terms of paid gigs. The absolute last thing someone holding a coveted “approved edgy person” role wants is someone genuinely edgy outflanking them, so to maintain their position they have to denounce anyone even an inch to the right of them as being beyond the pale. In practice, this means Taylor should be paid and celebrated for his offensive jokes because he’s a skilled comedian but principles of free speech shouldn’t apply to Dankula’s jokes because he’s on YouTube and not really a comic. If the two podcast hosts were worth a damn they’d have torn him to pieces over this but they didn’t, which is why I’ll not bother listening to them again.

Fin Taylor isn’t the only one who does this. I’ve quoted this from the ZMan before, talking about Ben Shapiro:

These edgy guys serve as a palace guard, maintaining the line between what is and what is not acceptable. Their job is to make sure that none of the bad think from the outer dark creeps into the thought of the orthodoxy.

Like all of Conservative Inc., he is for free speech that pays him well, but otherwise sides with Antifa against his competition. He’ll never talk about the fact that corporate America is willing to sponsor an Antifa convention in Chicago, but coordinates their efforts to prevent VDare from holding a private gathering.

I also mentioned so-called conservative journalist Stephen Pollard in the same post:

This is more virtue-signalling than anything else, letting his readers and progressive colleagues know he doesn’t associate with those thick, dishonest Tommy Robinson supporters, thus ensuring he’s not cast out of polite society.

I later found out Pollard had blocked me, which I can only imagine was for posting this. What brand of conservatism do you think he represents?

One of the reasons conservatives have been utterly demolished in the culture wars is because the people they pay attention to aren’t conservatives at all, and are just feathering their own nests while making sure they don’t upset those who are dismantling our culture brick by brick.


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  1. The Helen Lewis interview with Jordan Peterson covered this issue wonderfully. Lewis bemoaned a Burmese comedian being locked up as being an attack on liberty, yet fully supported Count Dankula being chucked in jail.

    The dis-junction between the two positions was completely lost on her. Dankula was not ‘acceptable’ to her class, hence, he was not entitled to the same protections.

  2. The Helen Lewis interview with Jordan Peterson covered this issue wonderfully.

    That’s right, and Peterson said something like “Well that’s what I’d expect someone with your views to say.” It was a devastating response.

  3. I see the Telegraph is celebrating its success in getting the government to impose censorship on the internet, this morning. It’s at times like this I’m thankful the UK’s just a bad memory.

  4. Matthew Parris is another ‘conservative’ who has shown his true colours post Brexit.

  5. Brexit and Trump have been very useful in exposing the faux conservatives. Before, a show like BBC’s Question Time could claim to have a balanced panel by inviting equal numbers of Labour and Conservative politicians. Brexit cuts across party lines, forcing them to acknowledge reality (or explicitly admit their bias).

    Despite what some Brexit supporters claim, it’s not about free trade or sovereignty. The real divide is mass migration: either you’re in favour, or you’re an evil Trump Brexiteer fascist racist.

  6. I have stated here and elsewhere that the Conservative Party is finished but I go further: Conservatism is finished too and it needs to be replaced by something effective.

    The progressive project is, in essence, a moral one and the Conservatives have, for the last hundred years or so accepted every moral premise that the progressives have offered up; often without question or hesitation. The result is that that they have lost every battle be it cultural, political or social. Once you accept the other sides rules for the game, you can only lose. The only reason we still have a few shreds of a market economy left to us is because the left has shifted from economic Leninism to Biological Leninism (which Conservatives have also embraced with an almost demonic enthusiasm). Today’s Progressive idea becomes tomorrow’s Conservative policy and they even have the gall to label them “Conservative values”.

    The Conservatives are the sicarios for the left’s Pablo Escobar; Pablo gives the orders and the sicarios faithfully sally forth to decapitate his enemies. If Western civilisation is to survive, then this shitshow has to end. The Conservatives are not useless, they are dangerous. Dump them. Dump them now.

  7. Guy Montag: “The result is that that they [Conservatives] have lost every battle be it cultural, political or social.”

    Maybe it is worse than that — maybe small “c” conservatives have lost the war?

    It is very tough to accept we have lost, but increasingly I wonder if that is where we are. The choice now is to stand like the Spartans at Thermopylae and meet the same honorable fate, or to regroup. The Left has won, but their victory contains the seeds of their future collapse. The whole Leftist agenda of robbing Peter to pay Paul while strangling productive enterprise with excessive regulations and stopping innovation and killing competence with Political Correctness — it is not sustainable. Their ultimate future failure is inevitable — see, for example, the USSR.

    The question for the rest of us is how to keep the ideas of liberty and limited government alive until the Leftist victory turns to dust in their hands. This could require multi-generational thinking.

  8. @Andrew M on April 8, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    Charles Moore did an excellent intro addressing bias on last week’s BBC Question Time – Fi-Fi’s defemse was weak as she knew he was correct.

    Oh dear Fi-Fi, it’s 4 Remain vs 1 Leave every week; and RoI MEP yet again – why no Leave MEPs?

    Full show: youtube.com/watch?v=iDDelr_SJig

    Arrse thread: arrse.co.uk/community/threads/question-time-commentary.222767/page-1539

  9. “The question for the rest of us is how to keep the ideas of liberty and limited government alive until the Leftist victory turns to dust in their hands. This could require multi-generational thinking.”

    You need to have a voice out there crying in the wilderness, even though he (or she) has no chance of being in power at the moment. Someone prepared to point out that what we have now is not free market capitalism, by any stretch of the imagination, and not to allow the Left to describe it as such. To denounce the crony capitalist version of business we have today as much as the socialist State activities. The Right should not allow the likes and activities of Google/Amazon etc al to be attached to ‘free markets’.

    When the current system goes to rat sh*t (which it will, it cannot last forever) there needs to be a free market, small government and personal freedom party out there who can say ‘We told you so!’
    If the Right compromise towards the centre, and accept much of the Left’s arguments in order to gain power, then the Right becomes tarred with the inevitable failure of the system. The Right need to realise the system WILL collapse and they won’t be able to prevent that by operating a Socialism-lite version themselves. Better to step outside, oppose, and wait, like a Churchill speaking out against appeasement in the 30s.

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