Trans Saharan Stayed Route

Some news from Paris:

A transgender woman has spoken out after a video went viral of her being attacked near a rally in central Paris against Algeria’s ailing president.

Julia has described being targeted by three men in the Place de la République.

Julia, 31, was set upon on Sunday as she walked up steps at the metro station in the Place de la République. A big rally was taking place in the square against Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria’s long-ruling 82-year-old president, who has since announced his resignation.

Wearing a black-and-white striped blouse, Julia was blocked by protesters who taunted her in Arabic.

I’m losing count of the number of incidents involving opposing victim classes getting into a confrontation, while ordinary people look on in amazement at what’s become of their country. For what it’s worth, I’m on Julia’s side here: she should be allowed to walk wherever she likes in public, free of harassment. Although it seems some lessons take a while to learn:

Julia later made clear that the attack had nothing to do with the Algerian community but was carried out by ignorant people, regardless of their origin or religion.

Just the facts please, ma’am. Now who attacked you?


5 thoughts on “Trans Saharan Stayed Route

  1. I’m on the muslims side. They still seem to be able to identify sexual perverts and the mentally ill, something our own culture no longer can.

  2. Sounds like Julia was interviewed on Ethel The Frog who investigated the infamous Doug and Dinsdale Piranha.

    Interviewer: Clearly these Algerian men were just ignorant. But what were they really like?
    Julia: I walked up steps at the metro station in the Place de la République on many occasions and found them charming and erudite.
    Interviewer: Did it worry you that they, for example, they throw homosexuals off tall buildings?
    Julia: Well it’s better than bottling it up isn’t it. They were gentlemen, and what’s more they knew how to treat a female impersonator.

  3. Why does she call herself a woman if she can be rumbled by people in the street? Were these Arabs sexually harassing a woman, or taking the piss out of a distinctly odd bloke? I think we’re entitled to hear from them, too

  4. I find the expression, “Transgender woman” confusing. Does it mean a man playing at being female, or a woman pretending to be male?

    How about the terms WOOMAN for a man in female mode, MANHOLE for the other way around?
    Or just add “Mental” or “Confused” prefixes

  5. Just the facts please, ma’am. Now who attacked you?

    In the article it states that s/he was taunted in Arabic. Could be anyone I suppose.

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