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One of the things which separates Western Europe/North America/Australia & NZ from the rest of the world, and makes these places infinitely better, is politics is not divided along racial lines. Even with the legacy of slavery and the civil rights movement, US politics has never been divided into white parties, black parties, Hispanic parties, etc. The idea British political parties could divide along racial lines is so absurd you’d have to explain it a few times before anyone would understand what you even meant.

This isn’t the case almost everywhere else. In Nigeria, it is generally expected that presidents – who are elected via a pretty free and fair process – will alternate between one from the north and one from the south. The northerners are generally Muslim and look quite different from the generally Christian southerners, and each side wants one of their own in charge. I also happen to be friends with a chap from Trinidad, and he told me the politics of Trinidad & Tobago are split along ethnic lines between Afro-Caribbeans and those of Indian descent. When it comes to voting, everyone votes for a candidate who shares their ethnicity. Whenever I stumble into some information about an election in Africa or Asia, the candidates’ ethnicity or tribe is always mentioned because it lets you know who their supporters are.

Back when I was in university, the only time term “white nationalists” got used was in documentaries on American prison gangs. When I saw the film American History X with a bunch of fellow students, the whole concept of white nationalism seemed absurd. Twenty years later however, and we are told that white nationalism is “on the rise” and “a growing threat”. Until recently, I was quick to dismiss this as nonsense, but I’m slowly coming around to the idea it might be true. The trouble is, white nationalism is being promoted by those very people who have brought the term into everyday use. Here’s an example:

The idea that Trump is a white nationalist is preposterous, but if we have a Somali congresswoman wearing a headscarf bellowing from the rooftops about white nationalism in chorus with hundreds of other prominent figures, people are first going to start getting used the idea and then wondering if there may not be something in it. The Obama years saw America’s racial fault lines widen substantially, a process not helped by the president himself (and that’s putting it charitably). Since Trump’s election, it has become routine for Democrat politicians to openly campaign along racial lines, all with one thing in common: whites are there to be denigrated. Accusations of white supremacy are simply a tool political charlatans deploy to hobble their political opponents, but it appears to be an effective one. But a consequence of ethnic minorities playing divide and silence along racial lines is that, sooner or later, whites will start to play the same game. It’s not the extremists like the Christchurch murderer that people need to worry about as much as ordinary people who hadn’t even heard the term five years ago being slandered as white supremacists by grifters who want to make everything about race. They will start to think, and indeed are starting to think, if minorities are voting along racial lines and using any obtained power to launch attacks on whites, they should recalibrate how they see the future of politics.

The response by the ruling classes to such fledgling opinions has, as usual, been precisely the wrong one. Take this for example:

Facebook has said it will block “praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism” on Facebook and Instagram from next week.

The company said it had deemed white nationalism an acceptable form of expression on a par with “things like American pride and Basque separatism, which are an important part of people’s identity”.

But in a blog post on Wednesday it said that after three months of consultation with “members of civil society and academics”, it found that white nationalism could not be “meaningfully separated” from white supremacy and organised hate groups.

So while our benevolent rulers and their media stooges wax lyrical about the importance of letting ISIS barbarians return to civilised society, governments – via tech giants and “members of civil society and academics” – have decided white people discussing what might be best for them is to be banned. So I have a question: do you think this will make it more or less likely that white people will consider voting along racial lines in future?

Here’s another story:

Austria’s government has said it may disband a far-right group that received a donation from the main suspect in the New Zealand mosque attacks.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said the government was investigating whether the Identitarian Movement Austria (IBÖ) was a “terrorist organisation”.

Prosecutors confirmed that the group’s leader, Martin Sellner, received about €1,500 (£1,290) from Brenton Tarrant.

Mr Sellner confirmed the donation but denied any ties to the suspect.

“I have nothing to do with this terror attack,” Mr Sellner said, arguing that his organisation was a peaceful anti-immigration group.

He said investigators raided his flat in Vienna on Monday and seized his phone, computer, and other devices.

Here’s another question: do you think designating this organisation a terrorist group because it received a donation from the Christchurch murderer will soften or harden attitudes to immigration in Austria? One would also have thought that Austrians of all people might have paused before wielding a law which can so obviously be abused in future should the wrong people come into power. Hell, Sebastian Kurz is already way to the right of every other political leader in Europe; if he’s having to resort to this to stop himself being outflanked further to the right, who knows who could find themselves propelled to power on an anti-immigration platform?

Had this blatant race-baiting not occurred in American and (increasingly) British and European politics, white nationalism would be confined to the Aryan Brotherhood behind three rows of barbed wire fence and a concrete wall. Now it’s being advertised as a political movement, and people are showing an interest. If someone out there wanted white people to vote along racial lines, this was a good way to get the ball rolling. If that does start happening in large numbers, things will get ugly indeed.


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  1. I think you’ve got this issue completely wrong. There were no racial parties in the English speaking world because there were no other races present. A few token browns and blacks but that was it. The flood of generally unwelcome foreigners to the point where they can set up their own territory and have substantial political influence is what caused whites to look around and think they might be in danger. If the foreigners were all sent home, the idea of white anything would again become irrelevant.

  2. There were no racial parties in the English speaking world because there were no other races present. A few token browns and blacks but that was it.

    Which leaves the US as the elephant in the room.

  3. anon 101

    However, MI5 said the volume of rightwing cases was “absolutely dwarfed by the number of Islamist cases”.

    It’s presenting an alternative reality and it is as if they want it to come about.

  4. Frankly, the only thing I find at all surprising about the rise in white nationalism is that anybody’s surprised by it. I’ve often thought that, for all their rhetoric about smashing the system, lefties seem to have a naïve faith that systems and institutions will survive all their best efforts to destroy them, but thinking that you can turn racial identitarianism into a winning political strategy and not have the largest racial group adopt said strategy really does take the biscuit.

    The way things are going, there are two outcomes I think are likely, and I’m not sure which is worse. One is a kind of racial cold war, in which all the racial groups have their own parties and spend all their time trying to screw each other over but without being able to win decisively. The other is an actual race war resulting in either some form of apartheid-like system or else in mass expulsions. At least in the latter case I suppose white nationalism would no longer be a political force once the country was all white again, so we might — eventually — get some semblance of normal politics back.

  5. “The other is an actual race war resulting in either some form of apartheid-like system or else in mass expulsions. At least in the latter case I suppose white nationalism would no longer be a political force once the country was all white again, so we might — eventually — get some semblance of normal politics back.”

    It would be very unlikely to go back to ‘normal’ – the type of people who would rise to the top in order to win a race war would not be liberal democrats (in either sense of that phrase).

  6. Many years ago- 1980- –the sadly missed Loompanics Unltd catalogue offered two titles.

    How to start your own Motorcycle Gang


    How to start your own White Nationalist Party.

    Time for a reprint?

  7. Given my family make up I’m pretty much a failure as a racist but I do try and I guess given my beliefs many would call me a white nationalist, something I’m comfortable with.

  8. If I were writing a dystopian sci/fi novel set in the UK – say – ten years in the future the basic premise might be something like this:

    -Frequent long power cuts, (brought about by the ongoing degradation of our energy infrastructure to placate the weather gods.)

    -Which leads to a huge increase in crime (due to shortages of food and other resources as well as the fact that streetlights, CCTV cameras etc. no longer work.)

    -Along with tribal warfare in every major city in the UK.

    However, I would not necessarily delineate the tribes in terms of colour or race, but in terms of religion.

    That is, Islam versus the rest. So the atheists Jews, Christians, Sikhs etc would team up against the Muslims.

    There would obviously be a racial component so for instance, in one area the white ghetto would team up with the Afro-Caribbean ghetto and the Hindu ghetto against the Pakistani ghetto or the Afghan ghetto, but the main driving force would, (in my novel at least), be religious rather than racial.

    There would of course be complicating factors such as intra-tribal gang warfare such as occurs daily in London even now, but I feel that those enmities might be submerged by the broader civil war.

  9. ‘There were no racial parties in the English speaking world because there were no other races present.’

    And who/what were the Maori, Aborigine, Huron-Iroquois?

  10. Good luck finding a publisher! You’d have to find a way of camouflaging the cautionary tale behind some genderfluid Romeo & Juliet plot. Or just target it to the Young Adult market, a la Hunger Games or Divergent. For whatever reason, you can get away with murder in that genre.

  11. All the censoring and de-platforming tells us one thing – the powers that be are scared. And they think you can stop an idea by censoring it. You can’t stop it, you can only slow it down.

    The war on “hate” (their umbrella term for white nationalism and adjacent ideologies) has about as much chance of success as W. Bush’s “war on terror,” and for similar reasons.

  12. John B, they were trivial afterthoughts with no numbers and hence no political power or value. And they still are, the racial voting in those places doesn’t even take account of them.

  13. The root cause of problem in UK:

    Multiculturalism promoted and enforced by Lib/Lab/Con Gov/Councils, MSM and SJWs

  14. Which leaves the US as the elephant in the room.

    Have you seen the demographic voting breakdown from the US? Blacks overwhelmingly vote democrat.

  15. Blacks overwhelmingly vote democrat.

    Blacks overwhelmingly stay at home: Obama’s huge advantage was he could get them to vote, something Hillary failed to do. If there was a party which only represented blacks, the turnout would be a lot higher.

  16. The US is an odd case because it has had a lot of blacks for a long time, the other English speaking nations have not. But Adam is right, blacks who do vote, vote 95%+ democrat. That is a race based vote and it’s the natural way of things any time a racial group develops political power. People vote tribe first, every single time.

  17. Too much pessimism here.
    Inter-racial marriage, in the West at least is at an all time high. That implies that inter-racial dating and inter-racial friendship must be similarly increasing. Less and less do ordinary Joes and Jos care about race. Those who have bet their careers on accusations of racism are getting increasingly desperate, and correspondingly strident as a result. That they’re even manufacturing racist incidents, often clumsily, is further evidence that racism in the West is dead. They a keep on shouting, but ever fewer people of any race will be listening.
    A similar phenomenon is occurring wrt Islam. As the world learns to read fewer and fewer believe (as opposed to pretending for safety and convenience). The remaining believers, especially those invested in the belief, become ever more strident and ever more violent out of desperation. But increasingly there are places where ex Muslims can be safe, so the ultimate extinction of Islam is assured.
    It would obviously be a good idea to hasten the demise of both these pernicious beliefs, and to minimise the damage they cause in the meantime. Dying beasts are grumpy and dangerous.
    Perhaps we could start by sorting out the universities who, in the West, make non-white racism and Islam respectable.
    As to the alleged rise in white supremacism, at Charlottesville some 400 were assembled from all over North America, and they mostly looked like actors. Doesn’t sound much like a major force to me.

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