Girlz an’ the ‘hood

This amused:

A madrassa that gave a lesson suggesting Muslim girls should have children rather than careers has been ousted from a secondary school amid safeguarding concerns.

Langley Academy has terminated its contract with the Al-Miftah Institute, which provided ‘IslamHood’ Sunday school classes from its campus in Slough.

It appears that feminism has scored a rare victory over the top-ranked protected class in a game of victimhood poker. But that’s not what I find so amusing. Rather, this is:

It followed complaints by a member of the public and the National Secular Society that IslamHood had hosted speakers with controversial views about homosexuality. Another speaker complained about women in hijabs making social media videos and described non-Muslims as “pigs”.

The folly of trusting a journalist to get the story right notwithstanding, it seems this was not enough to get Islamhood booted out of the school. But suggesting perhaps women might be happier raising families instead of clogging up a cubicle in a pointless department is enough to (temporarily) re-write the poker rules.

A recording also emerged of an IslamHood class showing a lesson by Shaykh Shams Ad-Duha Muhammad on why Muslim girls should have children instead of careers.

In the video, which was recently deleted from IslamHood’s You Tube page, showing girls in the audience, he said: “Smart career women give it up to have children.”

Quelle horreur! This is almost as bad as when they objected to a gay activist promoting homosexuality to primary school children.

A spokesperson for Langley Academy said: “We fully support the government’s Prevent Strategy. Therefore we take any allegations that extremist views or ideology might be being promoted on our premises extremely seriously.

It’s odd what gets considered extremist these days, isn’t it? I expect if this outfit was handing out ISIS flyers and subsidising one-way tickets to Syria, no-one would have batted an eyelid.


3 thoughts on “Girlz an’ the ‘hood

  1. Women and gays are the only ones prepared to take on politicised Islam. That’s probably why the military are now so keen to recruit women and gays. The next time it kicks off in the Middle East, having some nice fashionable kitten heels on the ground will guarantee that we actually win.

  2. sam,
    Whilst there is undoubtedly a big wedge of tongue in cheek there, I think the key is this: “politicised Islam”

    We need kitten heels for politicised Islam here, but it’s sure as shit steel toecaps we need in Syria…

  3. OT, but related to victimhood poker, is anyone else a bit nauseated by Joe Roots oh so pious ‘there’s nothing wrong with being gay’ response to a bit of sledging from the West Indies Shannon Gabriel? And the PC praise he received for it from the usual suspects?

    To me it smacks of a calculated effort to get Gabriel in trouble, I wouldn’t be surprised if Root purposely made sure his comments would be picked up by the stump mikes, then pretended it was nothing to do with him, that he’d not reported anything, knowing full well anything like that would generate headlines and an official ICC reaction. And it worked, Gabriel suspended for several games and forced to make grovelling apology.

    The other interesting thing is that Gabriel has now said that his initial comment was whether Root ‘liked little boys’, which makes Roots ‘Its OK to be gay’ response rather odd – he’s just been accused of being a pedo, and immediately assumes that means an accusation of being gay too, something that we’ve been told repeatedly is a very big no no – gay men are definitely NOT attracted to young boys, and anyone who says so is a homophobic bigot uttering hate speech.

    Unless their comments can be used to get at someone else I suppose. Poor old Shannon missed a trick there – he should have said ‘I was accusing him of being a kiddy fiddler, and as we all know, that has nothing to do with being gay whatsoever…….’

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