On a Wing and Oprah

But this is the most amusing of all:

Australia is hoping to capitalise on its high profile in the US following talk show host Oprah Winfrey’s recent trip down under to encourage Americans to invest in the resource rich country.

Resources Minister Martin Ferguson will meet with leading oil and gas figures in Houston this week to promote investment opportunities in Australia.

Yes, because the oil barons of Houston and Tulsa often turn to Oprah Winfrey to help decide where to invest their next billion.

If the Australians want to attract oil and gas investment, they should probably start by addressing some of the problems highlighted here.


2 thoughts on “On a Wing and Oprah

  1. This Oprah thing is a joke. As if fat, screaming American negresses (heck, am I allowed to use that word?) should be, or could be a viable tourism market for us anyway. I, for one, am heartily pleased that she didn’t make it to the West.

  2. Oh, I don’t know. She picked the president, and it obviously still rankles with his detractors, since they refer to him sarcastically as “The One”, as she called him. Time will tell if her judgment was sound, but so far he’s doing better than his predecessor – no new wars today, and the economy is beginning to claw its way back from the abyss into which it nearly slid headfirst.

    Besides, the lubriciously fat, the thyroidal, belt-snapping Winnebago scale-crushers wield tremendous influence in America. Look at Rush Limbaugh. He could almost be a fat American screaming negress himself, were it not for his colour and (I’m going out on a limb here) his gender – he’s certainly got the “fat”, the “American” and the “screaming” covered like honey on a baked ham. Yet his audience of chinless wonders regards him with the awestruck attention of a terrier for a tuning fork. He’s fat, stupid, influential and rich. Oprah is only three of those, so she’s got some catching up to do.

    I daresay she knows nothing about the oil and gas business. But surely there are riskier investments than Oz, and isn’t getting in on the ground floor of something that’s underperforming (for whatever reason) and undervalued a good way to make money? Besides, America likes Oz for backing them up in Iraqi Freedom, and would probably rather lose money in Oz than make a profit in France. I realize France is not being considered here; I’m just saying.

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