There was once a PC called Munt

Just in case you think the British police couldn’t sink any lower:

A docker from Humberside has been investigated by police over a limerick he posted on Twitter after an officer claimed it constitutes a ‘hate incident’ against transgender people.

Harry Miller, 53, from Lincoln was contacted on Wednesday by a community cohesion officer following a complaint that had been made about the plant and machinery dealer’s social media posts.

Citing 30 potentially offensive tweets, the PC singled out a limerick Mr Miller had retweeted which  questioned whether transgender women are biological women.

Note this chap didn’t write the poem, merely retweeted it.

Even though no crime was committed, sharing the limerick online was recorded as a ‘hate incident’.

Thus giving ammunition to those who want to make such things a crime.

After Mr Miller questioned why the complainant was being described as a “victim” if no crime had been committed, the officer told him: “We need to check your thinking”.

Indeed, it’s a mystery why ordinary members of the public don’t intervene when roving bands of feral youths are kicking eight bells out of a couple of scrawny policemen.

The complainant had managed to identify Mr Miller’s place of work, despite there being no reference to his business or his full identity on his Twitter account. As part of the complaint to police it was alleged the firm was an ‘unsafe environment’ for transgender employees because of Mr Miller’s comments on social media.

I don’t mean to sound pessimistic on this snowy Monday morning, but eventually this will come down to them or us. Historians may well ask what contemporary politicians did to stop it happening.


34 thoughts on “There was once a PC called Munt

  1. A new way to be an offender
    Is to read, and merely re-send a
    Tweet about trannies
    Or girls without fannies
    Or otherwise mock things transgender

  2. Patrick

    Piano wire. Lampposts.

    Sam Vara

    Played, sir. We could use a like or thumbs-up function!

  3. She said that having a small cock wasn’t an issue and I said to her I would preferred it if she didn’t have one at all.

  4. Note this chap didn’t write the poem, merely retweeted it.

    Shouldn’t matter either way.

    Though obviously we don’t want to offend the sensibilities or upset any of these extremely brave, nay heroic, individuals who are rising up and battling to throw off the shackles of a rigid, oppressive society. Saying quasi mean things is too oppressive, how are they meant to cope?

    You’d have thought that if you’re so mentally messed up that you want bits of you chopped off or a sausage stuck on, that what a random bloke on twitter says, who nobody (rounds to about 0% of the world population) has heard of or will read his tweets, wouldn’t matter a damn…

    Ah well, waiting for NiV (if he inhabits these parts as well) to come and tell me I’m very oppressive and a Nazi or something.

  5. It would have been fun to play with the officers position on this, it doesn’t take much to wind up some of our more PC PC’s nowadays, I’ve enjoyed myself on several occasions listening to officers trying to get me to commit myself on subjects that they could threaten me on……one has to have a hobby when retired.

  6. The was once a policeman called Munt
    So PC he invented a stunt:
    “Force detachable penises
    On all, dimwits or geniuses!”
    But all thought him a bit of a…

  7. “Even though no crime was committed, sharing the limerick online was recorded as a ‘hate incident’.

    Thus giving ammunition to those who want to make such things a crime.”

    It’s more insidious than that. The next time some culturally diverse character bombs an event and kills dozens, it will also be recorded as a hate incident.

    That way a limerick and a murderous bombing will be equated as morally equivalent.

  8. I’ve been to Mwnt.
    I wonder if the polis have a special squad of Welsh, Irish and Scottish Gaelic linguists to ensure that thought crimes in the periphery of UK don’t go undetected.
    And would you be arrested for playing Lola by The Kinks?

  9. A docker from Humberside

    A novel way to describe:

    Harry Miller, a former police officer and director of a company that employs 70-odd people (src Spectator)

    Twattygraph going downhill fast

    Discussion here

  10. What was the Limerick?
    What is the name of the police “service” which investigated him?

    I’m just itching to pop onto the Facebook page of that force & post the Limerick in full.

  11. That didn’t take long.
    Humberside Police
    They’re already receiving “public feedback” on the matter.
    I’d say PC Mansoor Gul & at least one colleague are full time manning the Force’s social media, frantically deleting incoming “unhelpful public commentary” (I’m going to have some fun with Limericks that misprounce his name)
    And here it is:

    You’re a man.
    Your breasts are made of silicone
    Your vagina goes nowhere
    And we can tell the difference
    Even when you are not there
    Your hormones are synthetic
    And lets just cross this bridge
    What you have you stupid man
    Is male privilege.

    Easy to see why he’s vehement that he did not write it.
    Complete shit.
    But not illegal.

  12. Oh my Gawd..
    Hahhahah.. hahaha. hahahha.. hahahah..
    I’ll bet Humberside Plod are seething over not being able to delete anything incoming on Twitter.
    (They probably don’t need to worry there, Twitter bots will defend them by suspending the account of anyone who doesn’t show HumberPlod sufficient trans-respect)

    The only thing keeping them from being the laughingstock of the UK is this is so barking mad people are struggling to believe it.

    He’s tweeting as;
    Harry The Owl – Limerick Criminal @ HarryTheOwl

  13. Whoops, I’ll be going nowhere.
    My Facebook is suspended.

    Not sure if it was using the word “tranny”
    or if it was saying “he’s got mental issues” in response to that viral video of a tranny going totally & completely berserk in a store somewhere in the US when the shop assistant called him “sir”

    Either way my “comment did not meet community standards”.

    Anyway, I’m off the air for a while on FB. (my life is ruined)
    Now I’ll have to pressure co-workers into slagging off at HumberPlod.

  14. This is outrageous, especially the copper’s comment, “We need to check your thinking.”

    But what’s going to change? There’ll be general outrage for a day or two, which will then die down, and then the erosion of free speech will continue.

    I remember back in the 1980s, when the police were widely perceived by the left as racist, the headmistress of a primary school stating: “The police have no access here.” (Pre-internet, so I can’t quote a source.) We need that kind of thinking now: shopkeepers refusing police service – although they’d have to be brave to do so. Publicans refusing them service would be nice, but a bit risky, as the police might then object to their licences being renewed. People need to make it clear that the British police – at least in their current incarnation – are not welcome in society.

  15. Publicans refusing them service would be nice, but a bit risky, as the police might then object to their licences being renewed.

    “Objection is on the grounds the licencee is exercising his right to not serve troublemakers”

    The police clearly have a lot more say there than they do here.
    It doesn’t matter what the coppers say here, because they’re like a cracked record, they object to everything.
    But they have little to no say in licencing – and licences once issued, never come up for renewal, they’re valid until surrendered or revoked by a court.

  16. PC Mansoor Gul told the Telegraph:

    “Although none of the tweets were criminal, I said to Mr Miller that the limerick is the kind of thing that upsets the transgender community.

    PC Gul: “Mr. Steve, I want to talk to you about some tweets”
    Me: “These tweets, are they criminal?”
    PC Gul: “No, they’re not criminal, but…….”
    Me: “Good Day to you officer” * click *

  17. The Beatles have just been declared a Hate Crime for singing “Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman, but she was another man.” Their music has been banned and possession of any recordings is a jailable offence.

  18. Us old white men need to start listening carefully and start making complaints to the police about hate. Anybody from the following groups will be reported if they so much as look at me:
    Redheads (male, female and others)
    Fatties (male, female and others)
    Skinnies (male, female and others)
    All women (male, female and others)
    All gays (male, female and others)
    All trans (male, female and others)
    All children (male, female and others)
    All ferocious looking dog owners (owners or dogs, don’t care)
    Cyclists (especially on pavements)
    More intelligent people
    Thickies (ooops)
    EU remainers

    It’ll be like a blocked sewer. So much sh*t, they won’t be able to deal with it….

  19. “The complainant had managed to identify Mr Miller’s place of work, despite there being no reference to his business or his full identity on his Twitter account.”

    That’s a misuse of personal data. He should get in touch with Crimebodge. Should be able to extract a couple of grand out of them.

  20. Michael van der Riet, Lou Reed and The Kinks must be shitting themselves. Well, maybe not Lou.

  21. They’ve decided a while ago that it is them or us and they’re using all their power to make sure it’s them. If we ever fight back it will be a miracle.

  22. @Bloke on M4 on January 29, 2019 at 9:56 am

    Even snowflakey mumsnet is not happy about this persecution:
    “I would think there’s a good chance there is a data protection breach in this. No actual crime has been committed. My understanding is that police can only be given access to personal data without consent when there is the risk of a serious crime, or in the course of investigating a crime.

    He should file a Subject Access Request with Humberside police in the first instance.”

  23. There once was a Plod from the Humber
    Who was nowt but a useless number
    He criminalised a tweet
    Instead of walking the beat
    Thus villains most gaily did plunder

  24. There once was a Plod from the Humber
    His neglect of duty a wonder
    Instead of walking the beat
    He criminalised a tweet
    But just watch’d as your house was plundered

  25. There once was a Plod from the Humber
    Whose arrests were rising in number
    Hurty words do make you a crook
    His sole duty was reading Facebook
    Ignoring they who pillage and plunder

  26. PC Gul was a Plod from the Humber
    Whose farts were louder than thunder
    Curry Kebab was all he could eat
    Coz his arse was hard as concrete
    And the seat of his pants torn asunder

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