Volumes Spoken

This from a Russian who, surprise surprise, lives in the USA:

Preserving national honor and dignity is more important than the two or three measly billions of dollars extra in GDP that simplified Russian visa provisions would bring.

That’s always been Russia’s problem: they’d rather starve than bear any perceived slight to their national pride.  And of course, it’s an awful lot easier if it is somebody else who has to do the suffering on behalf of your ego.


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  2. Because, obviously, refusing a few billions of GDP to a $2 trillion economy will lead to starvation, Holodomor 2.0 even! Only true slimey vipers could advocate that.

  3. no, pisshead, slimey viper would advocate country plagued with social problems, poverty of eh kind he’d never seen, when people dying of hunger, elderly dying of neglect in “nursing” homes – only slimey viper would advocate for that country to choose national instead of increased GDP -only slimy viper, living in excess in California, a viper, who never knew a want, a heartless viper, professing love to the country he left – but only uses it as pretext for his narcissism – can say anything as remotely disgusting as that.

  4. Damn straight.
    I’m hopefully going to Russia next year to work teaching English, while I improve my Russian and live in a country who’s history, people and culture I have a deep interest in.

    Just had my medical for leprosy amongst other things. Now need a notary and an apostille, then post off to Russia (delivery time one month) to go through the federal migration sluzhba, then (if) they authorise it and I can apply for a work.

    So, I may not even get to go. Certainly not in time.

  5. PS. I should also note that Tim Newman, intentionally, misrepresented my position by omission. I am against simplifying Russia’s visa provisions for foreigners, while Russians themselves have a much worse time of getting visas to countries like the UK (to which they’re often refused outright after spending weeks submitting loads of documents). That is basic reciprocal fairness, not the irrational xenophobia that he tries to pass it off as.

  6. Huh? I quoted your paragraph in its entirety and supplied a link to the source. The paragraphs which follow do nothing to qualify what I quoted one way or the other. Rather than try to pass if off as something, I’ve merely quoted your words verbatim. That you yourself should recognise that they might be construed as irrational xenophobia ought to tell you something.

  7. Is immediately followed by: “I’m all for free movement between countries, and yes, that goes as far as to include Russia and countries like Tajikistan. But no self-respecting country should tolerate colonial diktats on migration flows.”

    Now though you may be right that advocating equality of freedom of labor movement between the West and the Rest may be “irrational” (kind of like philo-Semitism was irrational in Nazi Germany, or AGW acceptance is irrational in today’s right-wing nuttosphere), it has nothing to do with xenophobia whatsoever. It is its opposite, in fact.

  8. Erm, “irrational” was your word, not mine. So was “xenophobia”. You seem to be having an argument with yourself about how your own words might be perceived.

  9. No, I was summarizing your own words – “rather starve than bear any perceived slight to their national pride” – as being a suggestion of “irrational xenophobia” on my part. Do you think that is an inaccurate characterization?

  10. Do you think that is an inaccurate characterization?

    Yes. Dumbfuck nationalism is not the same as irrational xenophobia.

  11. So it is “nationalism” to demand reciprocal visa regimes? Is the UK then ultra-nationalist for putting far more obstacles in the way of Russian citizens trying to enter it than the reverse, or is it only nationalism when non-Western countries fuck over Westerners?

  12. No, it is dumbfuck nationalism to put barriers up which result in your being worse off simply because somebody else is putting up barriers of their own. No doubt you’d want to throw rocks in your harbours too should some other country do the same.

    And you need to get this I’m-not-a-westerner-honest chip off your shoulder and understand that not everything is about the West vs Russia. You sound like a stuck record.

  13. Tim are you suggesting that Russia should be with western countries like Isreal with USA? You know like Isreali citizens need visa (often not easy to get) to enter USA, while USA citizens DO NOT need visa to enter Isreal.

  14. PTI – your spelling is, truly, PiTIful…

    What i want to know why whenever there is a discussion involving Russia and the West, someone (SOMEONE, I say) will always somehow brings Israel (see, PTI? that’s how it’s done).

    Every time it happens I want to quote Dovlatov:
    Да что ты всё “евреи, евреи” – тут на русских глянешь, остолбенеешь

  15. “But of course – the favorite manner of the *insert derogatory term here* – when having no argument, point to grammatical mistakes of the opponent ( whose English is not native)”.

    Oh, sorry; that’s your line.

    Every time it happens, I want to quote James Russell Lowell: “The devil loves nothing better than the intolerance of reformers”.

    Merry Christmas, Tats – hope you’ve been good all year.

  16. Thanks Tatyana,

    You have nice blog but I’m too dumb to know what is it about? Is it about flowers and sunshine? Is it about lonely women with no men? 🙂

    take care our sunshine,

  17. Tim are you suggesting that Russia should be with western countries like Isreal with USA?


  18. Markovka, I don’t celebrate Xmas – I get my presents on New Year FOR being naughty.
    Your remark would make sense if I wanted to engage into argument with your PiTIful friend.

    PTI: I have to agree with you: you ARE dumb.

  19. Tim, in memory of your enlightening articles on the blowout in the Gu’f of Mexico [as pronounced in Houston], here are two NYT articles several days ago on the Deepwater Horizon. The WSJ was definitely a bit quicker on the draw than the NYT on the blowout, but better late than never, I suppose.


    http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/12/26/us/20101226-deepwater-horizon-rig-video-diagram.html includes video

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