Dear Marriott

Dear Marriott Hotel, Doha, Qatar,

Please be informed that, as a guest who has travelled far and wide and stayed in an enormous range of hotels, I find your internet charge of QR2 per minute to be extortionate. I understand that there is a maximum charge of QR100 per 24 hours, but this is still extortionate. In light of the QR895 room charge, which will inexplicably increase by 40% to QR1250 as of 15th February, plus the 17% Tax and Service Charge which will be added on, I can be forgiven for thinking that I am not exactly getting a bargain room rate against which I can offset the astronomical internet charge.

If you are trying to be seen as a modern, business friendly hotel instead of one who is enjoying a current shortage of hotel accomodation in Qatar and ripping off your customers accordingly, then you need to have a word with your marketing manager. Otherwise, please be informed that as soon as alternative accomodation becomes available in Doha, I will not hesitate to take it.

Yours Faithfully,

Tim Newman


3 thoughts on “Dear Marriott

  1. Tim, what are you complaining about? Normal market situation.
    Why showing them curtesy of writing? Run Forrest, run -and vote with your dollarQR.

    On the other hand – why don’t you show some understanding and sympathy? Where else can they find funds to send to “muslim charities” that fight West if not overcharging Westerners?

  2. Tim, what are you complaining about? Normal market situation.

    Yeah, I know. But there is next to no choice in Doha, as all businesses are a monopoly run by a handful of families, so price fixing is the norm. Were there an alternative, believe me I’d take it. In the meantime, moaning on my blog makes me feel better. 🙂

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