Virtue-signaling and derangement in the wake of a massacre

Over the weekend a lunatic walked into a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA and shot dead 11 Jews who were at worship. It quickly transpired that the murderer was a far-right headcase who thought the Jews were responsible for all America’s ills, including mass immigration. His social media accounts show he detested Trump, believing him to be in thrall to the Jews and not doing enough to halt their nefarious plans. The answer, he believed, was to murder a bunch of elderly Jews.

Despite the motivations of the perpetrator, and the fact that Ivanka Trump is Jewish having converted to get married, liberals and fake conservatives across America are blaming the attack on Trump. The reaction of non-American Jews wasn’t much better. Here’s a British chap who writes for the Jewish Chronicle:

Sugarman’s timeline is filled with how he mourns for his co-religionists in the US, yet the sanctity of the still-warm bodies is not so great that he can’t stand atop them to virtue-signal about Trump. My first question is why a journalist would think it appropriate to start talking about gun laws before the smell of cordite has gone from the air. Secondly, what is wrong with Trump’s response that if the worshipers had been protected with arms, things would have gone differently? Europeans love to scoff at the unsophisticated, redneck Americans who think armed protection is the answer to such massacres, but I used to walk by a Jewish centre one street over from my apartment in Paris on a daily basis. And have a guess what? It was guarded throughout the day by two soldiers wearing combat gear and each carrying a FAMAS. The protection was brought in after the kosher supermarket shootings in Paris which took place two days after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. I understand that many synagogues and Jewish cultural centres across Europe now have armed guards stationed outside, yet none of these leave British Jewish journalists unable to find words to express their hatred of the head of government. We needn’t think too hard as to why that is.

Laurie Penny, who is apparently now in the US involved with writing a TV show, has quickly learned which drum to bash in her new career:

If Trump’s speaking at a political rally shows he is rather callous towards Jews, I wonder what we should make of Laurie’s hit-piece on Ivanka which begins:

IVANKA TRUMP HAS WRITTEN a book about female empowerment, and it is about as feminist as a swastika-shaped bikini wax.

Because nothing represents solidarity with Jews like mentioning swastikas when attacking one in print.

There is also a lot of sentiment like this:

It’s hard to tell whether he genuinely thinks this, or whether it’s just an excuse to show his dislike for Trump. Emanuel Miller is a generally decent sort, but anti-Trump derangement infects many otherwise sensible people. Now Miller lives in Israel, and he will be fully aware of the opprobrium that was heaped on Trump when he moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Hell, the UN even held a special session to denounce it. He will also be fully aware that Trump, by scrapping the nuclear “deal” and re-imposing sanctions, severely clipped the wings of Israel’s greatest threat, Iran. He’s also halted funding to the Palestinians for using the money to buy weapons which they then use to attack Israel.

So we have Trump attracting the world’s wrath for brazenly pro-Israeli policies, while Jews wring their hands that he’s “careless” with words. Well here’s the thing. If Trump wasn’t indifferent to the supposed consequences of his words, and worried about what people would think of him, the embassy would still be in Tel Aviv, the Iranians would still have their deal, and workers in Palestinian rocket-factories would still have their dental plans. They’re both sides of the same coin: you could have that nice man Obama back – who of course was never careless with words or empowered extremists, oh no – but how good was he for the world’s Jewry? The Mullahs seemed rather fond of him, at any rate.

Sadly, a lot of commentary following the synagogue shooting consists of people lining up to virtue-signal over Trump, even if it means denying that he’s one of the most pro-Jewish presidents in living memory. Some have gone further, seizing the opportunity to equate any criticism of George Soros as anti-semitic and shut down all discussion over immigration. These are the much the same people who give fawning coverage to Linda Sarsour, ignore Louis Farrakhan, and wave Palestinian flags at BDS rallies.

In summary, it’s probably best to ignore most of what’s being said about the massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue, even by people who are normally sensible; it’s too much effort to separate genuine opinions from anti-Trump derangement and in-group virtue-signaling. Finally, there’s this:

If only the Jews had a word for chutzpah.


13 thoughts on “Virtue-signaling and derangement in the wake of a massacre

  1. i’m afraid you need to spell it out even more plainly for Jeremy’s fans.

    Identity politics says – white men are trumped by Jews, Jews are trumped by Palestinians. Ergo white man killing Jews: clearly deplorable. Muslims killing Jews: they brought it on themselves.

    I had this very conversation last night and even then they don’t get it – victimhood politics trumps thinking

  2. Two points: I never saw any US President, including St Obama, wander around without an armed guard that would mow down anyone who so much as hinted they might be aiming to harm him, and I suppose the armed police and big iron gates outside Downing St are there for show only, yet the proles aren’t allowed to defend themselves with guns, oh no.

    The there’s the slight problem that when a nutter kills someone in the name of Islam, Islam bears no responsibility at all (of course!), yet when a man who is opposed Trump kills someone its Trumps fault.

  3. I’ve just been working at a government department that collects money. I pointed out in a workshop to improve collection rates that the government has a monopoly on violence.

    I was surprised at how few there hadn’t realised that.

    As for armed protection at synagogues; it’s surprising it isn’t universal, given that Louis Farrakhan is still at liberty and given a pubic platform.

    Should people be able to worship without protection? Yes.
    Can they with 100% certainty of safety? No.
    What would La Pennie and the rest suggest would be the logical response to those wishing to worship then?

  4. Jezza: “I say, chaps, my approval ratings are still plummeting and people keep bringing up this anti-semitism nonsense. Is there anything I can say or do that will get Jews to like me, or to show that I’m really on their side?”

    Aide: “Not at the moment, Jeremy. The team think the safest bet is to wait until there’s some kind of incident in which some Jews get killed, and then tweet something anodyne in response. That’s the best we can hope for, to be honest…”

  5. Very odd that you could just walk in. Synagogues in the UK are pretty strict about gate security. Not armed, but everyone they don’t know personally gets checked on the way in.

  6. Worth noting that when Trump appointed his Jewish son-in-law as an advisor there was a lot of complaint in the same organs which blame Trump this attack. A lot of the snide comments about Kushner and his family had a nasty whiff of anti Semitism about them.

  7. Nobody comes out of this well but Trump is pretty much on the right side here vis armed guards etc.I enjoy visiting sailer and zman at their sites but a bit difficult of late as the Jewish issue never goes away and now they are moaning about losing gab etc….they should just give it a rest for a few days.

  8. One of the ironies of the Soros situation is that Soros himself has been accused of being anti-Semitic, mainly because of his hostility to Israel’s “racist and anti-democratic policies.”

    Meanwhile, Trump is very popular in Israel. If you hear that “Jews hate Trump,” it’s worth asking “which Jews, and where?”

  9. Synagogues in the UK are pretty strict about gate security. Not armed, but everyone they don’t know personally gets checked on the way in.

    That says a lot about the state of Judaism in the UK v/s the US I think. Also says a lot that I’m not the least bit surprised by the UK security measures.

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