Putin: Protector of Russian Women

I’ve read some pretty whacky justifications for the state of affairs in Russia in blog comments before, but this one is new to me:

Putin regime’s re-nationalization of Russian mineral resources was key to restoring political sovereignty of Russian state.

Politically and fiscally, the only option at the time was re-nationalization. Otherwise, Russia would have turned into something like Iraq: American colony in which citizens are tortured and murdered, and women raped at will of occupiers.

Yes, Rosneft and Gazprom had to be granted monopoly rights to develop Russia’s offshore fields in order to prevent Russian women being raped at will by Americans.


7 thoughts on “Putin: Protector of Russian Women

  1. Hi Tim
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  2. Are they raping at will now? I thought they still had to fill out a form. Lord knows Putin and friends would never dream of torture or oppression of political opponents. Nah.

  3. At work you are paid to be patient. Nothing would entice me to restraint myself when talking to a stubborn blind self-righteous socialist. It’s not my job!

  4. True, but technically I’m only paid for 8-10 hours per day. The other 14-16 hours of living daily life in places like Kuwait, Sakhalin, and Lagos probably require more patience than anything work throws at me. As I said to my boss the other day when more than a little frustrated by some HR issue: “The engineering is the easy stuff out here!”

  5. You hit the nailhead.
    That’s the reason I hesitate to open my own design business: because design is the easiest part of it, at least for me. And I am in NY, not Nigeria…

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