Finally, the Republicans grow a spine

So the GOP held their nerve and confirmed Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Supreme Court, where he will be fully aware of the nature of the progressive forces ranged against ordinary Americans. In going all-in with their vile, baseless accusations against Kavanaugh, the Democrats may have blundered badly; if he was a nice, fair, and reasonable chap before the nomination, his experience over the past few weeks may have altered him somewhat.

In all honestly, I thought the Republicans were going to bottle it when they called for the FBI investigation, but it seems as though they played that hand deftly. The investigation didn’t reveal anything new about Kavanaugh and left prominent Democrats, as well as Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team, flailing around in frustration that the FBI was not doing their bidding. For once, the Republicans had the upper hand and they carried the momentum right through to the final Senate vote on Saturday.

The Democrats may also come to regret asking for the investigation. I don’t know what powers the senate committee has now Kavanaugh has been confirmed, but take a look at this letter from committee chairman Chuck Grassely to Ford’s lawyer:

Pay special attention to the final paragraph, and the reference to “recently uncovered  information”. This most likely refers to communications, perhaps uncovered by the FBI  investigation the Democrats insisted on, which show Ford’s allegations and subsequent testimony was part of a coordinated political attack on Kavanaugh. This would certainly explain why the Democrats suddenly went quiet and, would you believe it, Ford is no longer pursuing her allegations.

As I said, I don’t know what powers the senate committee has now Kavanaugh’s been nominated, but I hope the Republicans fully investigate what has gone on here and if there is any wrongdoing on the part of Feinstein et al, they apply the full force of the law. If the GOP does have evidence this was a coordinated hit as Grassley’s letter implies, they need to gradually leak this in the run-up to the mid-term elections and level criminal charges a few days before. The Republicans have shown rare backbone in the face of appalling behaviour from the Democrats, and they should waste no time in pressing home their advantage.

Meanwhile, liberals have decided that after accusing a Supreme Court nominee of  gang rape and dragging him and his family through the mud they have been too nice. From what I’m hearing on social media, a lot of people who would never support a Trump administration are intending to vote Republican, so disgusted are they at Kavanaugh’s treatment. Things could get a lot worse for the Democrats by the time 2018 is out.


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  1. Yup

    And my friends here, still believe that Trump is evil, will be impeached and is on the way out having lost the confidence of the whole of the good ole US of A. Clinton of course, despite spraying his seed around the White House, is a good little bunny.

    They have no idea. For educated progressives (hmm?) they believe all the bull put in front of them. They believed the story about 1500 babies ripped from their mothers’ arms and lost by Trump… And when you prove them wrong, they don’t care.

    This episode has done them (my mates but basically the Dems) a whole lot of damage. If you want to keep up-to-date follow James Woods the actor on Twitter. He has the whole thing down to a T. Jon Voight (the father of Mrs. ex-Brad Pitt) came out on TV the other day too.

    What these people don’t realise is that 3.9% unemployment (‘the jobs ain’t coming back’ Saint O’bama) is very convincing, standing up for the US is very convincing, a bunch of hysterical women and soyboys is not. The Dem’s in the senate came across as vile, mean, self-serving and spiteful and not particularly bright. And although I can take issue with Trump on a number of trade-related things, his negotiating technique is basic and operative.. He wades in threatening and then rolls back just a little to get what he wants.

    I have made serious bets with my friends ( a meal I cook myself for 25 people at my txoko, formerly a men-only gastronomic club and man cave) if The Donald is impeached before the end of his first term (taken) and offered serious money on his reelection. (not taken).

    The November elections are looking very red indeed and I agree with Tim. The Ballsey Ford may find some serious sh*t heading her way.

    She was not convincing (see Janice Fiamengo) and there is a lot behind her story and not I feel much related to BK.

  2. Dems and RINOs have ruled the roost since forever. They simply cannot and will not accept that a non-player like Trump beat them. That was not in the play book. They genuinely think that Trump has no legitimate power – because they truly hate him and that is all that is required. If there is a non-political middle somewhere in the USA, I suspect those folk are looking at the Dems right now and not seeing the same personality types that the Dems think they are projecting. Shouty, whiney, angry, unhinged, underhand, shady little fucks for the most part.
    Trump is not my favourite human being or my favourite president (that’d be Ronnie). But he does have a spectacular talent for letting his enemies hang themselves with their own rope. It’s super entertaining.

  3. I can’t imagine the senate gentleman’s club ever wanting to open the Pandora’s box of laying criminals charges against each other. Virtually every one of them is certainly guilty of some crime relating to money or corruption and not a one of them would actually want this behavior to come under scrutiny.

  4. …if he was a nice, fair, and reasonable chap before the nomination…

    Er, he’s a politician. Rather a successful one. Tends not to go with nice, fair, or reasonable, irrespective of the colours.

    I would also imagine he will be tainted for life now, by the dems actions. Wait for the daily protests outside his house, on his way to work, etc.

    The GOP may have to return the favour in kind in future, though hopefully with people against whom there is a rather higher standard of evidence.

  5. It seems that after decades of being played, they’ve finally got around to recognising what the game is and how it’s being played.

    Expect a drip, drip of interesting info between now and the mid-terms regarding how the Dems played it this time.

    Popcorn futures are up!

  6. Mr Black: point taken. However Senate Hearings like that are a judicial process – you lie, it’s perjury – so I think the Senate would have a very strong interest in preserving the integrity of the process. And that would mean going after people trying to game it. Sen. Feinstein may only be embarrassed (do Senators get embarrassed?), but perhaps people lower down will get sanctions up to & including the delights of cell time with Bubba.

  7. I suspect various lawyers, particularly Ms Ford’s, are going to face bar inquiries about their activities because there seems to be considerable evidence that they knowingly made false statements regarding their clients. This is not just Ford’s lawyer Kayz but that FBI lawyer “friend” and, of course, Creepy Porn Lawyer Avanetti. They may also get charged with perjury for lying to the Senate as well. This will be no bad thing if it happens and I suspect it will.

    I’m absolutely positive that the Dems could have done very little more to incentivize republicans to unite and vote for their ticket in Noveber’s elections. In July/early August a lot of rightish people I know were demotivated by the Republicans in general – either thinking they were being disloyal to St. Trump the Saviour or too loyal to that loudmouthed buffoon Trump. Now however they’ve seen that the alternative to not having a Republican controlled Senate and House is almost certainly disastrous so they are burying their differences and coming out to vote.

    Meanwhile the accusations will also have struck any number of Black/Hispanic men as sounding remarkably familiar. I can’t think of a better way for the democrats to lose their reflexive support from minorities than to push what are clearly BS allegations of sexual assault. I’m not sure that these minority males will necessarily vote Republican (though I expect a growing number to) but I do expect a significant chunk of them to stay home and not vote at all.

  8. @francisT
    “I’m absolutely positive that the Dems could have done very little more to incentivize republicans to unite and vote for their ticket in Noveber’s elections. ”

    As I noted above, this isn’t reflected in the polling data. Not saying you’re wrong, In fact I might bet on your view if someone could provide data / explanation.

  9. I haven’t seen any war-gaming on the house or senate races. I have seen where the math doesn’t add up for any sort of blue wave. The average net gain for democrats, mid term elections under a republican president is 11. That isn’t enough to take the house. The economy, which is doing well, and their hysterics with Kavanaugh don’t help them whatsoever.

    There are 26 some-odd democrate senate seats up, only 9 republican, and most of them are safe. There’s a handful of democrats running for re-election in red or purple states that otherwise went big for Trump. Numbers show at least two – (I forget their names) democrats are in trouble.

    So in the absence of some sort of catastrophe, it would be a longshot they take over anything. Worst case as I see it, they take the house, but likely lose seats in the senate.

    BTW – great quote:
    “The Democrats have some soul-searching to do. In the Kavanaugh matter, they debased themselves, the Senate, and democratic discourse all at the same time — and they have squat to show for it. Playing dirty comes naturally to them, and they don’t seem to mind the muck. But playing dirty — this dirty — and losing? That’s some shameful stuff.” _ Kevin Williamson

  10. Ken

    The Dems might be leading in the polls, but this election is being fought in a few Senate and House seats. It was already hard to see how the Dems gain the Senate prior to the Kavanaugh nonsense, now it is in the realms of theoretically possible. The Dems will pile up useless votes on the coasts and Chicago, just as they did in the Presidentials, but not in the seats they need to win.

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