Padma Lakshmi and Trump

From the BBC, who report this on their front page purely because it’s anti-Trump:

US television host Padma Lakshmi has explained why she kept silent after allegedly being raped as a teenager.

In a piece for the New York Times, Ms Lakshmi, 48, says she was raped by a man over 30 years ago.


But she said she began to feel the alleged attack was her fault, and that she understands why women might not disclose sexual assaults.

Here’s what happened according to the BBC:

The Top Chef host says she dated the man while still a teen.

In her account, she said they went to his apartment where she fell asleep, and woke up with him on top of her.

This article has been stealth-edited. The earlier version made clear she was 16 years old, her boyfriend 23, and the incident occurred on New Year’s eve after they’d been partying all night. Indeed, when you read the account she gave to the New York Times, this is the case. So why did the BBC change it? Perhaps because including such details will make people ask, “What the hell were you doing in his apartment?”

She explains how she started to feel it was her fault: “We had no language in the 1980s for date rape. I imagined that adults would say: ‘What the hell were you doing in his apartment?'”


“I didn’t report it. Not to my mother, not to my friends and certainly not to the police.”

Did your mother know you were dating a 23 year old man you’d met in a shopping mall? Apparently yes:

When we went out, he would park the car and come in and sit on our couch and talk to my mother.

I’m curious as to the ethnicity of her alleged attacker. Was he an all-American white boy who liked baseball and waffles, or was he another Indian (perhaps of the right caste) who would feel quite comfortable talking to her mother? Now 23 isn’t old, but 16 fails the “half age plus 7”  rule. I’d guess there was a strong cultural element to all this we’re not being told. Wikipedia gives us a clue:

Lakshmi grew up shuttling between her grandparents in Chennai and her mother in New York. She was sexually assaulted as a small girl. She wrote in the New York Times, “When I was 7 years old, my stepfather’s relative touched me between my legs and put my hand on his erect penis. Shortly after I told my mother and stepfather, they sent me to India for a year to live with my grandparents. The lesson was: If you speak up, you will be cast out.” 

So she’d been raised in a household with an absent father where family members sexually abused her, and the prevailing culture forced her into silence. That she ended up in bed aged 16 with an older man is therefore unsurprising: I expect the entire relationship was a giant cry for help.

The entire purpose of this article is to counter Trump’s questioning why Christine Blasey Ford didn’t report her alleged assault to the police at the time. From where I’m standing, it answers the question rather well: many of these rapes we’re hearing about from decades before may not have been rapes, and the women involved seriously messed up in the head. It’s indicative of the progressive mindset that the bad people in this article are the white patriarchs Trump and Kavanaugh, while Lakshmi’s Indian family who sexually abused her and then forced her into silence get a free pass.


19 thoughts on “Padma Lakshmi and Trump

  1. I wonder if Lakshmi feels somehow obliged to reveal her trauma, because she really believes Trump = Satan? I have this horrible feeling that the Democrat machine is out looking for traumatised women to discredit Trump, even tangentially.

    Of all the TDS nonsense, this Kavanaugh stuff is absolutely the most abject and desperate. I saw this CNBC article:

    The hack ties himself into knots in order to argue that Kavanaugh must be a liar, even while admitting that the allegations against him are full of holes.

  2. Serious question; if the Democrats and their supporters wanted to alienate everyone who isn’t already a rusted on Democratic voter, how might they have handled the SCOTUS nomination proceedings differently?

    When was the last time you saw a TV news article criticising Trump his policy or comments about, I dunno;
    Black people
    Working class poor
    North Korea
    The economy
    Russian hacking

    There seems to be a great deal of hope placed on silver bullets but none are reaching the target. In the meantime, possibly the worst news for Trump is that the 10y/2y inversion point isn’t far off. Like that means anything to the average voter.

  3. The argument being made — honestly, in all seriousness — is ‘he must be guilty because he’s exactly the sort of person who would do something like that’.

    There’s no even an attempt to dress it up as anything else.

    It’s astounding.

  4. I expect the entire relationship was a giant cry for help.

    That’s not necessarily the whole thing. I mean, yes, that’s a given when you have complex PTSD in the mix, but I have some familiarity with that culture. It’s de rigueur that women are expected to get married young, and to older – often much older – men that are pre-selected by the parents. Assuming her “rapist” was a similar or higher caste Hindu or Muslim, then the relationship would have been not just accepted, but encouraged and quite possibly pressured onto her by her parents.

    This woman seems to have had quite an awful time of it, but nothing about her life or circumstances is terribly analogous to the Ford case.

  5. It’s de rigueur that women are expected to get married young, and to older – often much older – men that are pre-selected by the parents. Assuming her “rapist” was a similar or higher caste Hindu or Muslim, then the relationship would have been not just accepted, but encouraged and quite possibly pressured onto her by her parents.

    Indeed, that is a distinct possibility.

  6. See link below. The article is, as the author stresses, not directly about Christine Ford, but useful to crystallise the reasons everyone’s spidey senses are tingling and calling BS on this:

    Ford hits, IMHO, about 8 out of 10 of these red flags: her accusation is almost certainly bogus and nakedly politically motivated.

    What the BBC is bringing up here is something different – an assault that probably did happen, but for all sorts of reasons she’s screwed up about it. It sheds no light whatsoever on the Ford/Kavanaugh case. That the BBC thinks it does is the problem.

  7. @Bill – “possibly the worst news for Trump is that the 10y/2y inversion point isn’t far off”

    The US is due a fright or market scare say in a year from now, a mid cycle crash is normal, history repeats itself but in different ways.
    Most will look for a yield curve inversion to clearly signal when this will occur, but maybe the gangsters in the White House will somehow avoid a yield curve inversion this time around but still have a liquidity squeeze. This will result in market panic and a big correction, but this will not be a serious downturn just the signal to get in on a good buying window before the start of the biggest rise in history.

    The Mother of All Booms is coming.

  8. This very situation happened with my oldest daughter.

    A 22 year old dude at her dance studio wanted to take her out – she was 15.

    We said “No”, and she was counselled by me and her mother. “Don’t care if you are friends, he has no business dating girls your age.” I may have mentioned something about hurting him. It all went away when we had a moment at a dance exhibition – me, 270lbs of mostly muscle, bald head, long goatee giving the stink eye to a twiggy man-boy.

    Every time these stories surface, my first thought is “why was she there?”
    Take our hyphenated princess Ford – Why is she, at age 15, at a party with older boys drinking? Why was this Indian chick spending the night with a 23 year old?

  9. @ Daniel Ream

    (N)othing about her life or circumstances is terribly analogous to the Ford case

    Tut tut! You aren’t getting with the program are you? She is a woman. He is a man. Therefore a perfect one to one mapping of the two events. That’s all that needs to be understood. >};o)

  10. @Bardon,

    “The Mother of All Booms is coming.”

    Could be. Did you see the report about households buying bonds at an increased rate? Like the opposite of a shoeshine boy giving stock tips.

  11. @Bill No I didn’t. The smart money is buying up inner ring detached housing in Brisbane at the moment. Otherwise the multiples are way up for an IPO in the infrastructure/engineering sector for my firm. That will take me out of the fast lane if it comes off.

  12. @Bardon

    “Smart” and “Brisbane” are not two words often seen together in the same sentence, so well done!

    I understand there are multiple property markets in Australia but surely it’s a “brave” investor who buys anywhere in Australia with the current trend?

  13. @Bill – I knew that I was leading with the chin there.

    I am all bought up and just plying the trade for nephews and the like. Will hold off buying for my oldest son to see if Shorten gets in or not. Down south needs a breather, rents need to catch up, my Italianate in Hampton trousered 70%, catch up now to be done in other markets.

    Economy is booming and strengthening, employment is strong and strengthening, commodities are coming back on, population is growing, headhunters won’t take no for an answer, what’s not to like?

    Did you fix the motor, the boat one and I trust Charlie and the kids are going gangbusters.

    Heading down for a long weekend with the missus for her girlfriends fiftieth, staying in the four seasons, and booked into the Opera House and a few other things, might even have a look at this dudes offerings,

    he is open on a Saturday. I am struggling for shoes the world over can you recommend anyone in Sydney.

  14. @Bardon,

    Last time looked, Loakes wouldn’t ship as they have resellers in Oz. There are ways around that that are still cheaper than the bricks and mortar stores obviously.

    Motor is running great, sails are even better. Had a nice afternoon in Middle Harbour 2 weekends ago.

    I agree re. the economy but I think there are other issues that will impact pwoperdee. We can chat more over at my place as there’s a “Wither Aussie House Prices” post brewing.

  15. @Bill – That’s the shot, never lose sight of the main objective, that we are out here on a working holiday, in the land of milk and honey.

    What you are seeing in Sydney right now is the new much higher than before, low water benchmark when it comes to market prices. Sydney’s most expensive property sold the other day for what might be close to a $100m, Banjo Paterson was born in it’s scullery, it was bought by a goofy techie Aussie battler, the second highest house was $70m, two doors down also this year, by another techie battler, he actually settled in cash, truly.

    Take Charlie to see Crazy Rich Asians she will love you to death for taking her. And i think she would really suit those earings from Shanghai.

    We just witnessed the most memorable AFL Grand Final in living memory today at Palacio Badonici. Mrs Bardon has gone shopping with her sister for a few days so its boys own weeknd.

    Had a few friends, nephew, sons, sons mates over to watch the game, copious carvings smoked pork belly, crackling and smoked rack of lamb were served up in deep bowls from the third quarter onwards. Fucking sensational contest between the biggest guys on the planet, what a game, both sides were brilliant but when it comes to second prize ribbon selection, you know the rule with AFL:

    1- Any team but the Magpies
    2- Any non-Melbourne team

    Congratulations to the West Coast Eagles for magically ticking both off in a real ball terror of a final right down to the last minute, oh to be at the MCG.

    Got the blue lights and music going now outback in the alfresco area, my oldest sons mates and girlfriends and nephew are over and rocking on. I am the only grown up and sensible one here.

    I see your still a dyed in the wool, card carrying, housing, uber bear. You do realize that taking a bear position at certain times in a flowing market is a perfectly normal and wallet fattening thing to do. But to be a permanent bear, through all phases of a market, surely not?

  16. How the two goofy techies did it.


    So quickly has the share price of software company Atlassian surged this year that its co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar are now among the 10 richest Australians.

    NASDAQ-listed Atlassian was founded by the 38-year-old duo during their University of NSW days together, and they have maintained a large shareholding in a company that has gone on to become an Australian technology sensation.

    Atlassian shares recently hit a record high and are up 44 per cent since January 1. They have increased in value by slightly more than 80 per cent in the past 12 months and are worth 140 per cent more than when the Sydney-based company listed on the NASDAQ in December 2015.

    The value of each of Cannon Brookes and Farquhar’s stake is now close to $5.8 billion, and the addition of their respective private investments and assets would put them above the likes of billionaire James Packer and Indian-based car parts manufacturing magnate Vivek Sehgal if the Financial Review Rich List was recalculated now.

  17. @Bardon,

    Yep, brilliant Grand Final. I’ve not heard from my Perth-based friend who was at the match. I suspect they may be in a Victorian sobering up clinic…..

    I’m not a perma-bear at all. It’s all about timing. When we arrived we weren’t able to buy. Also, we moved around several areas until we found the one we liked. We are now in the happy position where we can join the market just as the market for what we want to buy is falling.

    Would I be smart or foolish to do that this year?

  18. @Bill

    The best thing you can do now is become a rentvestor, buy somewhere undervalued and high yield (not Sydney) and continue to screw your landlord over in the Big Smoke. Best of both worlds and Charlie will no longer question your manhood.

    The market has just done what it always does and the new floor has been found, sorry to be the one that has to tell you.

    These dudes that are selling their joints to first home owners are downsizing to the North Shore, so that is what you are up against.


    The average size of first home buyers mortgages is rising while investors are getting smaller loans.

    The other interesting phenomenon is the average size of first-home buyers’ mortgages continues to rise despite the tougher lending conditions being applied.

    The average size of first home buyers mortgages is rising while investors are getting smaller loans.

    So why are first home buyers borrowing more?

    However, as the Reserve Bank has noted, most households don’t tend to max out their home loans. The current data supports this idea.

    “While there has been a small reduction in the average owner-occupied loan size in the past few months, the average loan size for first home buyers is growing,” Mr Plank said. “Given that first home buyers are likely to have less equity than upgraders, the fact that their loan size is still growing highlights that the credit tightening is very focused on investors.”

    If the reduction in borrowing capacity is targeting investors, rather than broadly across the market and all borrowers, the doomsday scenarios of a massive property price crash being currently floated may be well off the money.

    First home buyers are likely to keep stepping in the void created by investors and at least partially fill the gap, slowing the rate of the price fall.

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