We don’t need no SA-80

Cinema goers in the UK are to be shown a shocking spoof shopping channel ad offering AK-47 machine guns for sale.

reports the BBC, who are seemingly unable to differentiate between an assault rifle and a machine gun.

Amnesty International says it aims to highlight the ease with which weapons can be bought and sold due to lax controls on the international market.

Highlight to whom? British cinema goers? This may come as somewhat of a surprise to Amnesty International but the AK-47 assault rifle is made in Russia, not the UK.

Spokeswoman Sarah Green said: “The arms trade internationally is completely out of control.

She added it was “within the power of ordinary people to make a difference”, and that the group wanted people to sign its petition calling for an international arms trade treaty to regulate the trade.”

She said people in Britain must “make it clear” to the government they were not prepared to let manufacturers supply arms that would “eventually end up in places like Congo, Colombia and south Thailand, where children and men and women are killed ruthlessly”.

Amesty International would be better off screening their adverts in Moscow cinemas. No amount of lobbying the British government is going to have an impact on small arms like the AK-47 turning up in their thousands in conflict zones, as people fighting those wars rather sensibly do not favour British weaponry.

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2 thoughts on “We don’t need no SA-80

  1. Good idea. Problem is – the amount of money that British cinema-goers can donate to Amnesty is just that little bit more than Russian they’ll get from Russians.

    On the other hand… the cost of advertising in Russia would be lower than in the UK.

  2. There’s a long history of the state disarming people for their own good and recycling them into compost and vulture food.

    Self-Defense requires NO amnesty.

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