Theresa May’s Dancing

There are quite a few people on Twitter laying the boot into Theresa May because she’s been captured on video dancing like the chief accountant at the office party who’s unwisely joined the pretty intern on the dancefloor just before things wrap up. May is currently touring Africa and Africans like to dance, hence everywhere she goes she’s asked to join in and look silly. This is the equivalent of an African prime minister coming to London, being taken down the pub to meet some traditional British yobbos, and asked to join them in necking a pint of ale to chants of “Get it down, you Zulu warrior!” while the world’s press looks on.

Personally, I think we should lay off May in this instance. She looks as though she’s enjoying herself and I don’t find a willingness to look a bit foolish in the company of foreign hosts to be a bad thing. It’s not like she’s gone the whole hog and acted the complete clown like Justin Trudeau did, or is dancing because she wants to get down wiv da kidz and show how modern she is. In fact, I think the whole thing makes her look a little more human and – dare I say it? – more likeable. And it’s not like us Brits are fantastic dancers, is it? I can perhaps forgive an Argentinian or Brazilian making fun of May’s dancing, but it’s not unusual when Brits dance for furniture to get knocked over. How many of those laying into May’s performance could do any better?

No, May’s awkward dancing at the behest of her African hosts is not something to criticise her for. Instead, let’s hold her feet to the fire over her endorsement of the South African government’s campaign of land appropriation, her betrayal of Brexit, and her overall appalling leadership.


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  1. I think it shows a particular strength of character. She knows she is hopeless at it, and she knows she has just about the biggest audience possible, plus automatic immortalising of the moment. But she does it all the same. Most of us are so frightened that we almost constantly manipulate situations so that we only show others what we are good at. Whatever her faults – and goodness knows, they are many and varied – she appears to have completely transcended this human failing.

  2. It makes her look a bit of an idiot on the UK & world stage, but it probably went down quite well in Africa, and she was touting for business there. I guess having a go at the SA president for doing a Zimbabwe at that juncture would have spoiled the effect a bit.

  3. She needs to join in some other good old African customs like being a victim of the nastiest torture they can devise. She has already mastered treason and betrayal and if anyone ever deserved being necklaced and being boiled alive she will do in my book.

  4. Today, 79 years ago WW II started. And there were 200 000 white South African volunteers ready to fight Nazis.

    Interesting, did they thought that once they will be demonized, robbed and slaughtered like ….Nazis ?

  5. No, [1]May’s awkward dancing at the behest of her African hosts is not something to criticise her for. Instead, [2]let’s hold her feet to the fire over her endorsement of the South African government’s campaign of land appropriation, her betrayal of Brexit, and her overall appalling leadership.

    1. Yes it is, Maybot should have politely declined. I can’t dance, thus I never try to

    2. Feet, hands and her battery whilst tied to a stake.

  6. “””….the worst British PM since Chamberlain….””””

    Nobody cares anymore. Eastern Europeans are too busy to take your jobs and immigrants are too busy to rape your child.

    Both laughing and blaming you Nazi racist or whatever you like. And when you want free speech or whatever, then you will honestly reminded that Nazism started also from harmless claims that “..we want only..””

  7. South Africa is totally fucked and will only get worse.

    Last month one our staff a Mr Rhodes an ex-cop from Rhodesia that had seen a lot of action, told me that he had his worst ever black reverse apartheid experience the day before. He had gone to the municipality (council) to enquire of the black senior engineer why after so many months he had not paid his son for work completed such a long time ago. The engineer stood up in front of everyone and said fuck you and fuck your son I don’t have to pay and won’t pay, whites days here are numbered. He left humiliated and then called a senior guy that he knew, the guy called him back and told him to forget it if he didn’t want to get whacked.

    An older colleague of mine now Saffa and ex jock from the Gorbals (seriously) was the special representative of a Sheikh from a Mideastern royal family who is also a major shareholder in our firm, the Sheikh is a top lad, London educated and drinks like a fish, that’s how I first came to meet the older Saffa. The Saffa met and befriended the Sheikh many years before when he visited his safari park in SA. I done a deal with the Saffas son in law in Joburg to rent an office and a workshop from him. He was a fairly large and confident Portuguese Saffa. The pair of them were quite influential and not the kind of folk that you would mess with and they had guns everywhere. Anyhow the Portuguese fellow had a row with the estate administrators of the gated and well secured high-end facility where he lived. Someone broke in about 3am, woke him and shot him and left, didn’t touch the wife or the three young children. The family managed to lift him into the car with his son holding a towel to the gunshot wounds to stem the bleeding and he was pronounced dead on arrival.

  8. As I said on my Twitter account the other day, the problem with May’s dancing is that she dances like there’s an evil stop-motion skeleton inside her doing all the moves, and it’s about to burst out of her body at any moment and go berserk.

  9. @Bardon,

    Yep, SA is properly fooked. I’ve yet to meet a Saffa without a tragic home invasion story. The government’s contempt and their subsequent turning a blind eye to the murders of farmers is now hiding in plain sight with the land “reform” legislation.

    Hence why May’s comments are so utterly reprehensible. Of course, as Juri so eloquently and articulately enunciated, that we are still surprised when our leader choose the path of expediency rather than that which aligns with our values says more about our naivety than their venality.

  10. @Bill

    They are all the same, it doesn’t surprise me no one came to Rhodesia’s aid either, quite the opposite. Imagine being a Tutsi back in the day.

    Just over a year ago we were considering a local chap to take some ownership in our local SA entity to comply with the black ownership requirements, he is very well connected in the Government infrastructure sector, which is what we do. I had met him a few times he is ANC and was part of the struggle in the early days and very close to Ramaphosa, apparently he wrote his acceptance speech.

    Zuma was still in power back then and everyone expected that his ex wife to get in after him. I was seriously leaning to bringing him on board. Another guy I know there a kind of fix it for a fee type middleman ex BBC Brit talked me out of it and said that he had seen some pretty unpleasant stuff on Rhamapsoa, we never went ahead.

    Ramaphosa is now in and most whites are surprised that he has went this way with land ownership as he was held up as the saviour of business and economic recovery hopes for SA. The only thing I can think of is that he has done some deal with the radical faction of the ANC whereby he gets the title, they get to kill the whites and his file stays locked in a safe.

    I see they are now asking the farmers to give up their guns, this is getting really bad.

    Then we have to put up with numpties like this mouthing off and getting away with it.


    The Religion of Whiteness Becomes a Suicide Cult

    A wounded and swaggering identity geopolitics puts the world in grave danger.

    By Pankaj Mishra
    Mr. Mishra is a contributing opinion writer focused on ideas and politics.

  11. South Africa is totally fucked and will only get worse.

    Yes, my view is it is steadily turning into the rest of Africa and the process will be completed with a mass slaughter of whites. The naivety of the white middle classes in the large cities saying things like “this isn’t about race” would be funny if it wasn’t going to cost them their lives.

  12. Tessa May has already done a pretty good job of screwing up the UK so it’s no surprise that she sold South Africa down the river by endorsing state theft.

    As far as the dancing goes, we’re a dancing people and if you don’t dance then lips are going to curl. Even the great Jacob Zuma can strut his stuff on the stage, although owing to advanced years he looks as if his electric butt plug is running out of battery.

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