Corbyn isn’t the problem, his supporters are

Sometime last year three Turkish people I knew visited Jordan on holiday. Everywhere they went they found the locals, upon learning they were Turkish, would get all excited and say:

“Oh we love Erdogan! We love how he stands up to the Israelis!”

This despite Jordan’s rather sketchy record when it comes to Palestinian refugees, the PLO, and occupying land. Now there is every chance these locals were Palestinians, but my acquaintances said it is now common to hear similar sentiments in Turkey. In particular, they like this performance:

The fact is, regardless of where you go in the Middle East and certain other regions, bashing Israel is hugely popular. More often than not, this equates to simple Jew-bashing. Yes, there are many legitimate complaints which can be leveled at Israel and criticising Israel does not in itself make one anti-semitic. However, if the only country in the world whose existence you dispute happens to be the Jewish one, and you sound as though you’re reading from a Hamas pamphlet when the subject comes up, people will draw their own conclusions. And for Turks to complain about the occupation and oppression of Palestinians is a little ironic, especially given how much their dear leader admires the Ottomans. As usual, the problem is not that Palestinians are oppressed, but that it is Jews doing the oppressing.

Which brings me onto this:

Jeremy Corbyn said he was present but not involved at a wreath-laying for individuals behind the group that carried out the Munich Olympic massacre, a partial admission that led to a row between him and Israel’s prime minister.

The Labour leader had been asked if Palestinian leaders linked to the Black September terror group were also honoured at a memorial event he attended in Tunisia in 2014, at which victims of the 1985 Israeli airstrike in Tunis were remembered.

Corbyn said “a wreath was indeed laid” for “some of those who were killed in Paris in 1992” and added, in response to a question: “I was present at that wreath-laying, I don’t think I was actually involved in it.”

The hard-left in Europe and elsewhere has always been anti-Israel, partly because they took their lead from the Soviets who had an interest in undermining America’s ally in the Middle East. Coupled with that, you have the left-wing suspicion of Jewish bankers, businessmen, and media moguls who supposedly run the world and conspire to thwart the success of glorious socialist revolutions. The latter is where they share common ground with the hard-right: go on any alt-right or MAGA blog and within three comments someone is writing a thousand-word paragraph on the Rothschilds.

Jeremy Corbyn is famous for being a hard-left outsider, and being anti-Israeli is near enough compulsory in those circles and if this stems from anti-semitism, then so be it. Certainly, nobody’s going to complain. Only now Corbyn has found himself leader of the Labour party people are appalled at his behaviour, but I fear they have missed the point. What they should be asking is why someone who lays wreaths at the graves of dead terrorists is enjoying so much support, and the answer – as our Turks traveling in Jordan discovered – is that this sort of thing is popular among determined and vocal minorities everywhere. There’s no point blaming the preacher when so many people are tripping over themselves to hear the sermon.

Corbyn has never been interested in building a broad coalition, and he wouldn’t know how to even if he was. Like George Galloway, his shtick is to pander to a select audience and thrive on the notoriety it generates. He knew exactly what he was doing when he laid that wreath, just as he did when he defended the IRA and invited Sinn Fein to Parliament. The reason why his denials are so nonsensical is because he needs to say just enough to get rid of the reporter and move onto the next question without disappointing his core supporters who fully approve of his actions. The fact is, Corbyn’s just doing what he’s always done, only now it’s a lot more popular.

So rather than demanding Corbyn resign – why should he? – those concerned should ask how laying a wreath at the grave of Islamic terrorists became a sensible political act for the leader of Britain’s opposition. In other words, who is supporting this stuff, and in what numbers? It’s not difficult to find some pasty white septuagenarian at a protest or online ranting about the Jews, and some younger lefties may have swelled their ranks recently, but these people have always been at the fringes of British political life. So what’s different now? How come blatant anti-semitism in a major British political party is nowadays no longer something over which the leader should resign, but a source of much of their popularity? This is the elephant in the room that, for all their outrage, the media and political classes don’t want to address.

It used to be one had to travel to the Middle East to find people supporting a mainstream political leader solely because they sided against Israel and the Jews. Now we can find it in Britain, and those squawking the loudest about this state of affairs are usually those who did so much to bring it about.


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  1. Turkey is an ally of Israel. Any “standing up” is purely for show. Neither want the Arabs to actually get their shit together.

    But the huge number of Palestinians in Jordan make sensible discussion of Israel impossible.

    The weird thing for me isn’t that Corbyn’s anti-Semitism is permitted, but that his acceptance of terrorism is. Supporting terrorism is usually the kiss of death for politicians.

    How, as PM, could he deal with a terror incident in the UK given his previous support? At that point his hypocrisy would be laid bare for all.

  2. The simple answer here is that the anti-Semitism has always been there, but more sotto voce, nudge nudge wink wink (and obviously under-reported) because Labour need the Muslim vote. Now Corbyn and Momentum are above the parapet they’re emboldened and unignorable, but Muslim privilege/islamofauxbia mean it won’t be allowed as a major reason.

  3. He did deal with a terror incident – during a GE campaign no less – and somehow managed to get away with claiming it happened because of “police cuts” and “British foreign policy” and offering sympathy for those involved. For a lot of the public they presumably only heard the sympathy, and possibly if they are left inclined “police cuts”. The dog whistle to his followers about foreign policy being a cause would not have been picked up.

  4. Chester

    “Turkey is an ally of Israel. Any “standing up” is purely for show.”

    It was. Erdogan reversed that, using the Israeli boarding of the Gaza ‘mercy’ ship as his proximate cause.

  5. The Labour party’s stance on anti-semitism might be repugnant but it is also practical. Not enough people care about the issue for it to make a difference.

    Many of the people repulsed by it would not vote Labour anyway. Many core Labour voters will hold their nose and keep voting as they have done because they hate the Tories.

    The party membership either hates Jews or is so anti-Israel that it might as well do. The growing number of Muslim voters lap anti-semitism up. The loss of a few disaffected Jewish members and voters is a price worth paying.

  6. Well, when some ethnic group makes lot of bad things, like pushing nations to wars, creating USSR and launching mass immigration, then is natural that this ethnic group will get lot of enemy,s.

    In Poland , they hate also Germans because far right conspiracy theory down there claims that in the Nazi Army in 1939, Germans were over represented.

  7. The extreme will always support him. That isn’t the problem.

    Find a seemingly normal Labour supporter and ask what Corbyn would have to do before they would drop their support. It is hard to get an answer. Usually the response is “my MP is more sensible and will restrain him”. I can’t point to much evidence of the Labour party making any attempt to restrain him. That is a much bigger problem. The army of “normal” people who would vote for a man who celebrates murderers, rather than vote for the evil tories with their wicked (non existent) austerity.

  8. More worrying is the failure by TM to call him out on his support for torturers who castrated athletes before murdering them, choosing instead to get squeamish at Boris’ joke about the bizarre and confining couture thrust upon womenfolk from Corbyn’s voter pool.

  9. I accept the fact that I don’t live in the UK and may be out of touch, but I really do struggle with the anti-Semitism charge against labour. My family and I were all labour voters although I am no longer, anti-semitism just didn’t come into anything and still doesn’t with my family. I never met a Labour voting anti-Semite back then and come to think of it I have never met an anti-Semite other that Palestinian colleague in the Mideast anywhere and in my current environment. My wider family in Australia included members of Federal and State Labour including a Senator, dyed in the wool socialists the lot of them, anti-semites my arse. Not saying that they don’t exist, but I just don’t get this reds under the beds scare that seems to have gripped the UK.

    As MC pointed out even if Labour were anti-Semitic it wouldn’t matter as the number of Jews in the UK are that small they just do not have anything near any numbers to influence an election at any level in any electorate.

    I can see that one of the current issues is about the Labour party acceptance of some bodies definition of anti-Semitism. I disagree with Labour here I would say that there shouldn’t be any further breakdown. Should it not be simple based on discriminating against someone because they are a Jew, Black, Tranny, Wog , Sheila or insert whatever person is being discriminated against because of their race, gender, religion or whatever. Why break it down any further Labour should drop the whole thing and tell whoever this minority is that wants this breakdown of anti-Semitism to fuck right off, knowing that you won’t lose any votes with the tiny number of Jewish voters anyhow.

    The next thing you know the rest of the minorities will also want a breakdown.

    Reading the posts, the only thing that may have had some traction is maybe the Muslim voters, I could understand that.

    No doubt Corbyn is pretty much minority orientated, which is not a good thing in my books and I am no fan of his. The UK Israeli lobby like in most western countries is a very powerful force. I do think the main reason for the beat up is that unlike say Blair he has resisted their funding and influence and he and his missus (if he has one) aren’t interested in becoming multi-millionaires, and they just don’t like his Palestinian leanings.

    Either way the Labour party has lost touch with what its true purpose was which isn’t about supporting foreign minorities of any persuasion.

    Keir Hardie would be turning his grave.

    “Even a figure such as Keir Hardie, founding father of the Labour Party, led a fierce, xenophobic campaign against the Lithuanians. Hardie, as a leader of Ayrshire miners, wrote an article for the journal, The Miner, in which he stated that: “For the second time in their history Messrs. Merry and Cunninghame have introduced a number of Russian Poles to Glengarnock Ironworks. What object they have in doing so is beyond human ken unless it is, as stated by a speaker at Irvine, to teach men how to live on garlic and oil, or introduce the Black Death, so as to get rid of the surplus labourers.”

  10. @Bardon – I don’t think that historically Labour voters were anti-semitic and I don’t think they are now. It is the party membership, which is vehemently anti-Israel and which also sucks up to Muslims.

    Why? My theory is as follows.

    Post 1960s leftism is a creed of abject self-hatred, but as so few lefties have the balls to do the decent thing and off themselves, the project their hatred on to their fellows and on to the civilisation that bred them. They love the Muzzas because the Muzzas too hate Western Civilisation.

    They don’t (or at least didn’t) hate Israel because they hate Jews. They hate Israel because it is an outpost of Western Civilisation in the Middle East. Similarly they hated South Africa and Rhodesia as outposts of Western Civilisation in Africa.

  11. Bardon,

    I think you may indeed be out of touch – the problem is not the WWC which seem to be your roots, but the far left loons that have flocked to Labour to get Corbyn into the leadership.

    You also – correctly – ask the more pertinent question: why does any of this really matter? You are correct that the number of Jews is indeed small, but the significance of this is not anti-semitism: it’s the long, well-documented, consistent, dogged support for anything and everything that would undermine Western civilisation in general and the UK in particular.

    As such, the anti-semitism is the symptom – the underlying cause is support for Hamas, Hezbollah and all the wreckers in that benighted part of the world.

  12. So, Juri: German army having Germans in it is a conspiracy theory. No shit, Sherlock. I think you’ll find that most armies, since the treaty of Westphalia (1648) have had nationals in them.

    TimN: Corbyn was a fellow-travelling anti-semitic dolt even when he had no supporters, so the problem IS Corbyn. At the time of that wreath laying, or inviting the IRA to Parliament, his public profile was a few activists and his fellow allotment holders. The only difference is public profile.

    Oh, and a growing culture of intolerance, of course.

  13. As usual, the problem is not that Palestinians are oppressed, but that it is Jews doing the oppressing.

    I absolutely love,this statement. In fact, any and all of the Arab countries would love to be the leader of the caliphate and stomp on everyone else. I find it puzzling that they would egg on the Turks, but nothing ever seems to make sense there anyway.

  14. Reprinted from Samizdata:Tim Newman is correct

    Which is why the vote needs to removed from Labour’s new, imported voters.

    No migrant of any ethnicity or their kids to get any vote –large or small, local or national –for 100 years.

    Retroactive to 1/1/1997.

    That should do it. And help to stem the future flow.

    PS-An end of postal votes as well.

    Those two moves will make ZaNu unelectable.

    Unless they once again start to give a rat’s arse about the white working class. Which, given how much the middle class Marxian pukes hate the WWC, is highly unlikely.

  15. Juri may be right. There were a lot of jewish Bolsheviks. Jews were also over-represented as victims of Stalin’s purges.

    But back to the UK. The jewish vote tended to be soft-left. Their influence was magnified by their financial clout and their zeal to get the vote out. I don’t see the same zeal in Giro-theram taxi drivers.

  16. I don’t think the general UK public is anti-Semitic; we’re just overly-sentimental. The problem is our classic support-the-underdog mentality, which translates into being pro-Palestinian. (Contrast with the American support-the-likely-winner mentality.) If Palestine is one big prison full of dangerous people, the average Briton is a jailhouse bride, writing love letters to serial killers in prison.

    In short, the same people emoting over “child” refugees in Calais also like to claim that Palestinians are being treated poorly by those beastly Israeli neighbours.

  17. @Juri- I understand your point on Jewish involvement in the horrors of the Bolsheviks but nothing like this happened in the UK and it is long bow to suggest that the current UK anti-semitism discussion has any similarity to that chapter of history in that part of the world.

    @MC- okay its the members, I get your drift, that helps me to some extent in trying to fathom the claims. Fully agree with the terrible thing that happened in Rhodesia and South Africa although I see that as a Globalist take down but maybe the leftists were co opted into it.

    That’s an interesting view on Israel, I had never considered them in that light. When the good guys established Rhodesia and South Africa the non existent indigenous transients hadn’t even discovered the wheel. Whereas Israel is a modern state and the locals knew about wheels when it was established. But you have given me a different perspective to consider and I appreciate that.

    @PG – Hey I am a novice at these acronyms, but I worked out what WWC means and yes you picked it right. And yes CM’s are everywhere, the UK is a great example, if it was a human being it would have been placed in a mental institution many years ago.

    No one has discussed my view on the Israel lobby and the difference between Blair and Corbyn in falling under it, do you think I am barking up the wrong tree here, surely it needs to be considered?

  18. Corbyn was a fellow-travelling anti-semitic dolt even when he had no supporters, so the problem IS Corbyn.

    I disagree: every society has people like Corbyn, the problem is the sudden swelling of support.

  19. I don’t think this is tactical. Corbyn just isn’t that clever.

    The problem is that when communism lost credibility, the only people remaining on the left were credulous cranks. Corbyn hadn’t changed his opinion on anything since the 1970s and his attitude to Israel is that of most lefty morons. As someone said above, they assume they’re the underdog, so support them.

    The reason Corbyn is party leader and will remain so for a while is that some idiot MPs put him on the ballot and most of the party membership wants hard socialism. Previously, not enough people voted to put him on the ballot so reasonably sensible moderates were the only option.

    And the Labour voters won’t care if he’s an anti-Semite. Nationalising the trains and raising public sector pay is all they care about.

    And no MP is going to challenge him because they’ll be deselected if they lose.

    I reckon he’ll be opposition leader until he dies.

  20. This is all quite obviously a power play between the entrenched lobbying and financial power and the emerging demographic strength of the Muslims. It’s very telling that this is getting more attention than the mass rape of English girls.

  21. TimN. I don’t think our disagreement is very profound. Do you blame the cowshit for attracting the flies, or the flies? A distinction without a difference.

  22. I don’t think this is tactical. Corbyn just isn’t that clever.

    Oh, nor do I. He’s been spouting the same old bollocks for 30+ years but now, thanks to a mass influx of people from places where Jew-bashing is normal, he’s suddenly found he’s popular. There’s no skill on his part.

  23. I don’t think our disagreement is very profound.

    No, it isn’t.

    Do you blame the cowshit for attracting the flies, or the flies?

    Fair point. It’s less about blame than where the concern should lie.

  24. I’m old enough to have seen plenty of political shits come and go but Corby and his crew are by far the shittiest bunch so far. I still can’t quite grasp how we reached a point were I would have to consider uprooting the family after an election as sitting out the ensuing chaos doesn’t seem an option as it did in past labour govts, I do wish Israel would remove the problem for us.

  25. The problem is that polite middle class society, Labour or Conservative, has gone back to reflexive anti-semitism.

    I can’t remember the exact details but 10 or so years ago some diplomat wrote about “All the current troubles in the world are because of that shitty little country Israel.” It was revealed by the Telegraph (IIRC). It seemed to open the flood gates whereby nice middle class people declared at dinner parties that he was right.

    I’m not saying that he convinced them or that he was right. Years of partial reporting by the BBC, allied to identity politics meant that no one was holding the Palestinians to any sort of standard. And so the default position has shifted. The incident above was just a milestone along the way.

    It’s now polite to claim that Israel has no right to exist – that’s a massive shift from the 1990s. It’s also now impossible to point out the blatant antisemitism of the Arab world. It just doesn’t register. The fact that Israel has survived proves it has power and racism = power + prejudice. So Israel is wrong – end of. Arab hatreds are explained away. There’s little interest in exploring whether creating a Palestinian state would actually work and create peace.

    And that’s what’s changed. The soft racism of low expectations is now the norm and consequently Corbyn becomes judged by his so called good intentions.

  26. “The hard-left in Europe and elsewhere has always been anti-Israel, partly because they took their lead from the Soviets who had an interest in undermining America’s ally in the Middle East.”

    Partially wrong, partially right: the left – Stalin strongly included, hence all Communist parties (included in my country, Italy) – has been vehemently pro Israel when it was founded. I could show you several articles from l’Unità, the official paper of the Partito Comunista Italiano (PCI).
    One has to remember that Socialism of the most aggressive kind was the common stance among early kibbutz farmers, so great hopes were put on their influence over the whole area. However at a certain point,during the Suez crisis in 1956, Israel took a stance for the western world. Ça va sans dire, it was a matter of seconds for Israel to become the most despised country in the world by the left; in their characteristic language: “Israele divenne la testa di ponte dell’imperialismo occidentale all’interno del mondo arabo” (“Israel became western Imperialism’s bridgehead inside the Arab world”).

  27. Support for Israel has always been pretty robust amongst the British public, I’d say. Even atrocities like the King David Hotel were seen to be carried out by a lunatic fringe, who were disowned and even hunted down by the moderate Jewish groups in Palestine ho tried to come to an accomodation with Britain. Standing up to (especially Russian-backed) bullies enhanced Israel’s reputation in the UK-

    Where it went a bit wrong was in the 1980s:

    Israel stopped electing socialists and the afore-mentioned right-wing and fundamentalist lunatics (eg Begin) took power.

    Israel started going on the offensive against Arafat and in the Lebanon against Hezbollah.

    Israeli policy of settlements and the peace wall exacerbated the perceived persecution of the Palestinians..

    This gives the Palestinians victim status. Even though the Arab Trans Jordan consider them vermin,they are a useful proxy to fuel anti-Israeli propaganda. It becomes a perfect “cause” for the Left. I was told by a student friend in 1988 that israel will become the new South Africa. After the fall of Apartheid, the hate for the Saffers had to go somewhere amongst the hard-left ( especially when Thatcher also went ) so where better than the evil American-backed cuckoo in the Mid East ?

    The Jewish influence on the Labour party has waned away. The Jewish MPs are all rich and out of touch with their electorate and that particluar voter base has dwindled ( not demographically but in class terms), to be replaced by….

    Labour adopted the US Democrat tactic of dismissing the working class as unreliable wrong-thinkers and building up a coalition of minorities. This becomes the ideal ground for the race hucksters such as Lammy and Abbott and above all Galloway. It is the assumption amongst these types ( yes you Owen Jones) that because one is a minority one must be a left-liberal.

    So Corbyn’s long standing anti-Americanism and anti-British “imperialism” makes him support the IRA and anti-Israel movements. Anyone taught in the British state education system since the mid 1970s will have been told that everything Britain does or has done is evil ( i certainly was and I left school in 1984, the teachers at my school campaigned against the Falklands War ).

    Corbyn is the enabler, just as the Internet is the enabler for crackpots to voice opnions that would otherwise have been silent. The lefty never-grown up students have become emboldened because their man is at the top and carry the never-taught-to-thinkers who have been “educated” in comprehensives with them.

    So basically, no, there is not institutional anti-Semitism in Labour. It is just that the hate against Israel, America, Imperial Britain that so many have been drip-fed down the years inevitably involves the baby as well as the bath-water. It was the same with South Africa and Rhodesia, it will be the same with the next target ( Hungary, Poland… who knows…)

  28. Partially wrong, partially right: the left – Stalin strongly included, hence all Communist parties (included in my country, Italy) – has been vehemently pro Israel when it was founded. I could show you several articles from l’Unità, the official paper of the Partito Comunista Italiano (PCI).
    One has to remember that Socialism of the most aggressive kind was the common stance among early kibbutz farmers, so great hopes were put on their influence over the whole area.

    No arguments here: for brevity, I was referring to the later Soviet period.

  29. “”””……Bardon on August 14, 2018 at 3:25 pm said:
    @Juri- I understand your point on Jewish involvement in the horrors of the Bolsheviks but nothing like this happened in the UK and it is long bow to suggest that the current UK anti-semitism…….”””

    Of course, this is not my business. I just read and consider it very weird that Jew seems to be some kind of holy cow out of criticism. In the times when mass immigration caused by organized Jewry seems to be problem.

    I can also understand that some Muslim, khm.. involvement… in the UK rape gang horrors and worry about Islamophobia little later in the other place. but then people around me consider me a liberal.

    “”…zut alors! on August 14, 2018 at 2:51 pm said:
    So, Juri: No shit, Sherlock….””

    Probably the first person who said this was Dr. Watson when Sherlock found out who is behind those horrific Bolshevist Muslim dog attacks in the Devonshire.

    Thanks God that Sherlock had more common sense. Can you imagine the story, when Sherlock complaining about dog attacks and the very same time claims that anti stapletonism is the big problem and Grimpen Mire Independence is the bigger issue that finding connection between mysterious Bolshevist Muslim dog attacks and peaceful Stapleton family.

    Hamlet had the question ? To be or not to be. Am I the only one who thinks that Jew worshipping anglosphere finally got the anwer ?

  30. @juri – “I just read and consider it very weird that Jew seems to be some kind of holy cow out of criticism”

    Yes all the waling and shrieking about this definition of anti-semitsim is totally disproportionate and a sign of where things are going. Like I said Labour are wrong here in not adopting some of its clauses, they should throw the whole lot of it in the bin. Discrimination doesn’t need any further definition nor do we need manuals to describe different types of discrimination for each of the current minorities of the day. This is Cultural Marxism in its purest form and shame on the Tories and other UK institutions for wholeheartedly adopting it what a disgrace.

    Some good Brits of the past will surely be rolling in their grave on this one.

  31. Judi can be relied upon to give the Moscow interpretation of events.

    The Poles hate Russians. Any discussion involving one of each will descend to a fight pretty quickly. The Polish military exists to fight Russia.

    The Poles are militarily and economically allied to Germany. Germans pour over their borders and are welcomed (I’m actually in Stettin at the moment, and its funny how all the tourist people assume I’m German — but then they have taken the time to learn German not English).

    Any hate of Germany has long since eroded to a residual distrust of their power.

    Corbyn’s relationship with the US must be interesting. They tend to take a very dim view of any support for Hamas and Hezbollah. I doubt even St Obama would be able to be chummy with a known supporter of them. The Trump-May relationship is not good, but imagine Trump-Corbyn!

    Of course Corbyn and his supporters regard being anti-US as normal. But when you try to lead the UK, being offside with the US is not terribly helpful. Or popular.

  32. I think we are all forgetting that none of this is sticking for the following reasons:

    1) Corbyn is popular for providing an optimistic and alternative political vision
    2) The focus on these types of things is coming from establishment sources, so is assumed to be just merely a smear (which it is but also its much more than that too) to undermine him
    3) This issue requires a fair bit of political knowledge and thinking to fullly understand and engage in, most voters, certainly the ones that matter in swing seats really dont care enough or know enough for this to shake the perceptions made in points 1 & 2

  33. @Chester

    Treatment of the Poles under the Czars, the Polish-Soviet war, NKVD Order No. 00485, the Polish Operation of the NKVD, the events (incl. deportations, GULAG sentences etc, Katyn etc.)under the first Soviet occupation of Poland from Sept ’39 until Op. Barbarossa, then the late/post WW2 occupation and imposition of a puppet government until the fall of the Wall will mean that there’s some unavoidable history there.

  34. On an anecdata point of one, my Polish friend says that Poles hate the Germans AND the Russians with equal measure.

  35. Corbyn will, being a politician, try to reflect the desires and whims of his ‘party.’ In other words, if they say jump he will merely ask how high? So the problem is both Corbyn and his idiot supporters.

    Modern politicians follow, not lead.

  36. tl;dr – Rob’s point 3).

    “Hacker: …the Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country; the Financial Times is read by people who own the country; the Morning Star is read by people who think the country ought to be run by another country, and the Daily Telegraph is read by people who think it is.

    Sir Humphrey: Prime Minister, what about the people who read The Sun?

    Bernard: Sun readers don’t care who runs the country, as long as she’s got big tits.”

    Classic stuff, first broadcast in 1986; 32 years ago, when Militant Tendency were a problem for Kinnock, but Militant (trotskyists) had begun in the mid-Sixties, around the time Corbyn got involved with his local Labour Party while still at Grammar school, and by ’81 had caused the Gang of Four to leave the Labour Party and form the SDP. Corbyn first got elected as an MP, with his two grade E A-Levels, in ’83, having previously opposed the expulsion of Militant members from Labour.

    Labour has always had a problem with entryism and the wilder shores of leftism.

    Corbyn got elected Dear Leader in 2015. Momentum was founded as a group within the party four weeks later. Corbyn is very much part of the problem.

    It’s not entirely clear (to me, anyway) where Momentum came from; of the four founders only Jon Lansman appears to have a history within the Labour party, as a Bennite in the 70s/80s, and curiously, is Jewish. Schneider only joined Labour after the 2015 General Election defeat, and doesn’t appear to have much of a history prior to 2010. Curiously, he appears to have described himself as “culturally Jewish” to Haaretz in 2016. Lansman is on Labour’s National Executive Committee. Schneider, about 30-ish, is Director of Strategic Communications for Corbyn.

    Momentum does appear to have achieved the take-over of the Labour Party from the bottom-up that Militant only dreamed of. It seems likely that a bunch of old-school trotskyists jumped on Corbyn’s nomination as he was a natural political ally from back in the ’80s, and once he won the leadership, he cemented his position by rewarding them. Momentum’s tactics, at all levels, seem to be basically bog-standard entry-ism, with the usual dollop of revolutionary fervour for wiping out the opposition.

    Tim; “How come blatant anti-semitism in a major British political party is nowadays no longer something over which the leader should resign, but a source of much of their popularity?”

    It’s not clear whether it’s actually the source of much of their wider popularity, outside of the usual suspects. If Momentum leaders, at any level, are just a bunch of Trots, then there is that whole embarrassing Tsarist/okhrana/chekist thing from the late 1800s into the early 20th century. They’re not obliged to mention it; it’s not as if they have to issue a prospectus with a whole section devoted to Risks.

    Corbyn doesn’t have to resign, because that’s what he is; and that’s what his power base within the party is. He won’t have to resign until he loses another GE; and this is a bloke, who for all he gets treated as the Second Coming, failed to win a General Election against Theresa fucking May, or until Momentum gets defeated internally, and that’s what it’s currently about, with added fun coming from the apparent Jewish-ness of several prominent leaders of Corbyn’s support.

    The other reason that the whole thing is rumbling on, unlike the IRA terrorist stuff previously aimed at Corbyn, is that the IRA are seen as having been defeated or nullified some time ago; Hamas and Hezbollah are in a far away land of which we know nothing. Anti-semitism is a bit like Eugenics; it’s all a bit embarrassing how widespread it was in the first half of the 20th century, and the Establishment doesn’t really like to talk about it. The establishment also assumed that in the aftermath of the Second Unpleasantness with The Hun, the whole thing had gone away (or somewhere far enough away), so it wasn’t a problem. Part of what’s happening is elements of the establishment demonstrating that they won’t work with Corbyn, or elements of his power base, if he wins a GE. If he does, the Civil Service and the rest of the Establishment will be in full-on dumb insolence mode. The resulting chaos and demonstrable incompetence will be the apparent motivation for the entire MSM to go into an all-out shock and awe offensive against Corbyn and the rest of the party, very quickly indeed. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    And I am unanimous in this.

    (First broadcast 1972).

  37. Whether Corbyn is or isn’t an antisemite personally, he has shown repeatedly that he is intensely relaxed in the presence of those who are virulently, even violently, so.

  38. “”–Chester Draws on August 15, 2018 at 9:18 am said:
    Judi can be relied upon to give the Moscow interpretation of events.The Poles hate Russians…..””

    No, they do not. The entire Russia panic in the Eastern Europe is milking out free stuff from dying Anglozionist Empire.

    On the grass root level, ethnic hatred of course exists but above everybody wondering how mighty nations can die only because of religious madness. Aside Aztec Empire, the Anglozionist Empire is second known empire who dies only self made wooden God.

    For Aztecs holy nation was Hernan Cortes with his tribe and for anglozionists is Karl Marx with his tribe. Entire planet wondering how so smart people can not make difference between the ambassadors
    God and and just hostile tribe. ?

    Aztecs at the very end realized that the problem is not anti spanism but the Spanish invasion and fought back. And thanks God they went to the history book before they invented WMD.

    The last one is the greatest problem. Omarosa just released the recordings from the supposed safest place in the US. How long in takes until Jew appointed insulted obese Muslim lesbian in the nuclear station push the red button ?

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