When violent assault becomes mere harassment

It’s pretty common these days for feminists to pretend everything is sexual harassment or sexual assault in order to exaggerate it’s frequency and accrue more power and influence for themselves. For example, the BBC breathlessly tells us that, according to a survey, one in eight Frenchwomen have been raped. This is the same rate at which women report being raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Is Paris the same as the worst parts of Africa? Actually, now you mention it…

However, in order to maintain the narrative they have taken this into a bizarre reversal, as the reporting of this story shows:

A French student has spoken out after she was harassed by a man in a Paris street and then hit in the face when she told him to stop.

At that point the man became angry and threw an ashtray, missing her by inches, she added.

After exchanging insults, the man walked towards her and was captured striking her on the cafe’s video.

“I know he’s going to hit me. I could have run off but there was no question of that. I wasn’t going to look down and certainly wasn’t going to apologise,” she said. He hit her forcefully on the cheek and continued shouting at her.

This is an assault, pure and simple, by someone with deep-rooted anger issues and a penchant for violence. A short time ago this would have been seen as a violent assault, but nowadays it’s reported as mere sexual harassment. Now I don’t know what was said in the initial altercation, but any young man will know there are men who hang around the streets looking for a fight and will find one on any pretext, usually after attempting to speak to you: if you ignore or rebuff them, that’s a green light for them to start swinging. Every man has had this experience (it tends to disappear as you get older), and I suspect the man who attacked this woman in Paris is someone with a history of violence against both sexes. In short, this is less a story of sexual harassment which women must face but one of assault by a common street thug (judging by his appearance, he’s one of Paris’ many homeless). Ah, but tackling that doesn’t get the SJW crowd all fired up, so:

The equalities minister told Le Parisien newspaper she was outraged by the attack and said the aim of the new law was to impose a clear social ban on harassment.

Presumably there are laws on the books which make hurling ashtrays and slapping people in the face a crime already. Do they not suffice?

Offenders will have to pay between €90 (£80; $105) and €750 under a package of measures that was backed by French MPs in May and is set to complete its passage through parliament this week.

Ah yes, French Twitter has been all over this:

“Regards appuyés” loosely means “suggestive looks”, or perhaps “aggressive looks”. How a judge determines whether such looks were given when handing out fines I don’t know, but this is where SJW lunacy has led us. “Sifflements”, by the way, means whistling. Meanwhile, violent men roam the streets hurling ashtrays and belting women (and probably men too) in broad daylight, seemingly unconcerned with the law. Now some of the men in the cafe remonstrated with the woman’s attacker, but nobody went and filled him in – which is certainly what would happen in some countries I’ve been to. This is partly because Frenchmen are generally not aggressive types, but also because of what I wrote about here. Whatever the case may be, squawking about sexual harassment and bringing in stupid laws which make middle class feminists feel good and risk making criminals of ordinary men will not get violent thugs off the streets – nor will they protect women from them.

What should have happened is this man be beaten unconscious by nearby men the moment he threw that ashtray, the police show up and after a cursory review of the CCTV they drag him off to the cells after wishing everyone bonne continuation, and the BBC writes a robust article praising the intervention of decent chaps for saving this woman from a violent thug. Some hope.


8 thoughts on “When violent assault becomes mere harassment

  1. I suspect there may be a religious/ethnic aspect to this. Traveling in the Levant I learned my best defence was wearing mirrored sunglasses so that I could look around without making eye contact, that being regarded as shameless. Their book tells them to ensure their womenfolk keep their eyes downcast , any other direction makes them brazen hussies.

    I suspect they made eye contact before he started harassing her. That she challenged him was insupportable in view of his cultural programming. I am sure he feels his honor assuaged.

  2. “in order to maintain the narrative they have taken this into a bizarre reversal”

    Yes, a reversal is exactly what has happened. When the police were our defenders against genuinely serious crimes like being violently murdered, they were given credit and social honour for the number of violent murderers they apprehended and brought to justice. The downside of this was the fact that they understandably tried to make murder charges stick where lesser charges like manslaughter would have been more appropriate. This was a very minor point for most of us who never bothered killing people.

    Now, however, the police are rewarded for preventing relatively minor crimes and anti-social behaviours. (It might be that the “New Left Realist” criminology of the 1980s was responsible for this, as academics refocused political attention on low-level crimes that ordinary people knew about and feared, rather than theoretical crimes committed by capitalist legislators and massive white-collar frauds which nobody really cares about.) The result is that there is a greater drive to monitor attitudes and ideologies and “micro-aggressions” while the real nasties get away with more.

  3. An American friend of mine got his car broken into and damaged in Russia. He got caught red-handed by the police. I asked if he got arrested. My friend heard through his Russian girlfriend that the police were going to take him to an undisclosed location and beat him to the edge of his life. I said to myself, “Hmmm.”

  4. In the bad old days the thug would later have fallen down the steps in the police station.

  5. bringing in stupid laws which make middle class feminists feel good

    Genetic psychology again. As paleoconservative as it sounds, the mistake was giving them the vote with none of the attendant responsibilities (like compulsory military service). We’re seeing the long-term combination of the female sex’s tendency to demand that which increases the safety and security of themselves and their offspring over all other concerns and the tendency of the male sex to give the female sex whatever it demands in the hope of getting sex from them later, played out in the respective bloc’s voting patterns.

    Heinlein had the right idea. Give anyone the right to vote as long as they’ve completed their two year potentially fatal Federal Service – and not until.

  6. Daniel Ream, indeed. It’s a civilizational shit test that men have been failing for several generations.

  7. “Lady did you know you have lice in your hair?” = Commentary on her physique, fine €750.

    “Pheew, that’s the worst case of PMS I’ve ever seen.” = Whistling, fine €500.

    “Never ever go full retard.” = Suggestive looks, fine €625.

    “I say… would you…” = Sexual proposal, fine off the charts.

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